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Provision of the two UN HDI indicators other than GNP.
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By late
This is for old farts like me that have health issues.

I grow pot, one plant at a time, and make an extract with it, that I put into pills. It's medical pot, I adjust the balance between THC and CBD so you only get a little high. It works on PTSD, and moderate pain.

When I had cancer, I spent a ridiculous amount of time reading. The result is I make pills. I make a pill to go with my tea, for when I get up. It's mostly amino acids. I make a breakfast pill, maybe half of that is stuff that helps with hormone balance. I make a dinner pill, and that is a mix of vitamins and stuff.

If I get into this in detail, it will start to make sense.

When you get up, your body is ready to use nutrients, but even if you start making breakfast immediately, there is a delay. Even after you eat, you have to digest, another delay.

So you are missing one of the times of the day when your body is revved up to see nutrition. If you're young, that is unimportant. If you are old, your body is slow, it doesn't digest food as well, it could use some help.

But if a bodybuilder says that, he will make one of those godawful protein shakes, which will have 20-40 grams of protein. My pill has maybe a couple grams? It's not going to overload the system of anyone.

Half is predigested collagen. It's cheap, it's protein, it works. Your stomach mostly eats glutamine. If you're old, your tummy prob isn't what it used to be, the cast iron gut rusted. At least mine did.. So I add glutamine. I used to take pepcid daily, and couldn't eat spicy or too much fiber or.... Now I eat oranges every day. For the first time since I was sick, I can drink coffee. It works. Protein needs vitamin C, I add Liposmal C. This is just my subjective opinion, I don't have a thing to back it up, but it seems to work. I add a tiny bit of methionine. There's a couple other things I add, one of them has a long name, it's a recent addition, and I'm drinking my coffee. But that gives you an idea of what I am doing.

If there's interest, I might write some more.
By ness31
You sound like a mad scientist with all your pill making, and very in tune with your body. Good for you :)
By late
ness31 wrote:
You sound like a mad scientist with all your pill making, and very in tune with your body. Good for you :)


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