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NUS magic muscle machine (Biceps), God send or snake oil?

What I am really suspicious of is they say "If only one leg is treated, the other leg also improves, he (Mr Ivan Goh, CEO QUANTUMTX) said".

How can this be? In anycase, their end point is like only 10% strength improvement which is only marginal increase in my opinion which most other therapies would easily beat and there was no mention of any double blind study.
Tests subjects could have been easily bribed or overpaid research staff might have rigged results by being much more enthusiastic on the outcome test day by encouraging the subjects to push harder than they did before they underwent the treatment.

10 minutes to use this machine costs $10-20 ... e-recovery and I believe that most of the time will be wasted on registration and queuing up, transportation etc. A trip to the gym or swimming pool for elderly costs below $1 and exercising in the park or at home is totally FOC.

Is PAP gahmen throwing good money after bad?

Who is going to pay for all these expensive treatment costs? ($200-400 per course based on 2 sessions/ week for 10 weeks).

Can some exercise specialist here comment if the 10% strength increase is 10 weeks more a result of coincidence or bias rather than genuine result that is something indeed to shout about.

Biceps= Bio Ionic Currents Electromagnetic Pulsing Systems.

ness31 wrote:Bic Cherry, did you photograph those newspaper articles and post them on PoFo?

Yes, for easier access. Same for forums in my country. I believe it is fair use just for discussion sake. I believe the law has fair use provisions, provided its for the purpose of comment and discussions.
I didn’t ask for copyright purposes. I was curious to know if that was an actual hard copy newspaper.

Anyway, the device seems legit. If they can now photocopy organs I don’t see how this is much more of a stretch.

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