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There are literal celebrations right now across Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq due to this news.
This guy is a war criminal that 100s of thousands if not millions of people in these countries (Iraq and Syria especially) have suffered the weight of his crimes.
Fuck him, this is great news.

There are unconfirmed (edited: unconfirmed, mistakenly put it confirmed) reports of Qais AlKhaz'ali and Hadi Al A'miri also being captured.

Now, of course, the regular propaganda parrots on this forum will come here claiming, as above, that "zionists are of course happy for this news", bitch please, this guy never even killed a zionist or Israeli ant let alone touched Israel.
His guns were aimed at the peoples of Iraq and Syria, not the US or Israel.
As long as Trump doesn't start bombing Iranian cities he can kill every member of the Iranian regime as far as I'm concerned.

I admit it's shameless as fuck though, at the International airport of all places. :lol:

Iranians probably going to retaliate.
anasawad wrote:Now, of course, the regular propaganda parrots on this forum will come here claiming, as above, that "zionists are of course happy for this news", bitch please, this guy never even killed a zionist or Israeli ant let alone touched Israel.
His guns were aimed at the peoples of Iraq and Syria, not the US or Israel.

No, I meant Israel has been hankering for a war with Iran for years.
Rugoz wrote:Iranians probably going to retaliate.

This was already a retaliation for a retaliation for a retaliation..

Rockets on US base killing an American civilian and wounding several American soldiers
US attacked several bases of Iraqi militias supported by Iran
Iraqi pro-Iranian militia attacked US Embassy in Iraq
Finally (for the moment) General Quassem Soleimani became disintegrated with some other head honchos.
(they needed his ring to identify him)

Let's see what happens next.
The Clerics' response will be done in Iraq and Syria, and primarily against US allies not against the US and Israel directly.
Guess what, they're already attacking and killing people on daily basis, it wont be much different.
The clerics' regime is falling apart internally, and its dogs around the region are, likewise, being rejected and fought against locally.

Their reign is coming to its end, and the revolution against them will succeed no matter what it takes.
colliric wrote:No, I meant Israel has been hankering for a war with Iran for years.

Iran seems to be spoiling for a fight too.

anasawad wrote:Their reign is coming to its end, and the revolution against them will succeed no matter what it takes.

It would really be something if the Iranian regime comes unwound under Trump.

Anyway, I don't see this as particularly escalating. That really depends upon how Iran and their militias react. Iran has been harassing shipping, shooting at drones, etc. They really have done so with impunity. However, this sort of retaliation hits home, because Iran would have expected some airstrike where they could go and kill some kids and dump the bodies and do their BDA and blame the dead kids on America--lather, rinse, repeat. However, killing the Quds general officer is much more poignant.
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Iran general Qassem Suleimani killed in Baghdad drone strike ordered by Trump

White House says ‘decisive defensive action’ taken by president to kill Quds force leader in Baghdad airport attack

The White House said Donald Trump ordered an air strike that killed powerful Iranian general Qassem Suleimani in Baghdad in the early hours of Friday, in a dramatic escalation of an already bloody struggle between Washington and Tehran for influence across the region.

Suleimani, who ran Iranian military operations in Iraq and Syria, was targeted while being driven from Baghdad airport by local allies from the Popular Mobilisation Units (PMU). The deputy head of the PMU, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandes, a close Suleimani associate, was also killed in the attack.

“General Suleimani was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region,” a Pentagon statement said. “This strike was aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans. The United States will continue to take all necessary action to protect our people and our interests wherever they are around the world.”
Minutes before the statement Trump tweeted a US flag without comment. Later, the White House put out a statement saying the strike was a “decisive defensive action” carried out “at the direction of the president”.

Iran confirmed Suleimani’s death, saying the US would be responsible for the consequences.


“The US’ act of international terrorism, targeting & assassinating General Soleimani—THE most effective force fighting Daesh (ISIS), Al Nusrah, Al Qaeda et al—is extremely dangerous & a foolish escalation,” the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said on Twitter. “The US bears responsibility for all consequences of its rogue adventurism.”

Suleimani was commander of the Quds Force, the elite, external wing of the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which the Trump administration designated as a terror organisation in April last year. The Pentagon statement claiming responsible for the strike accused the Quds Force of being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US service members and the wounding of thousands more.

Many consider Suleimani to have been the second most powerful person in Iran, behind the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamanei, and arguably ahead of President Hassan Rouhani. Through a mix of security operations and diplomatic coercion, has been more responsible than anyone else for projecting Iran’s influence in the region.

The escalation had followed a tit-for-tat series of strikes by both sides, which have been protagonists in Iraq since late 2006. Suleimani had been central to almost all that Iran did and was considered by senior officials under Barack Obama as being close to untouchable.

The strike came at a time when Iraq was already on the brink of an all-out proxy war, and hours after a two-day siege of the US embassy in Baghdad by a mob of PMF militants and their supporters. The Pentagon accused Suleimani of having masterminded the mob attack.

That siege followed US air strikes on camps run by a PMF-affiliated militia particularly closely aligned with Tehran, which in turn was a reprisal for that militia’s killing of a US contractor in an attack on an Iraqi army base on Friday.

The US has deployed 750 airborne troops to Kuwait as a rapid reaction force available for use in Iraq, and officials has said up to 3,000 could be sent in the coming days. The defence secretary, Mark Esper, said on Thursday that more militia attacks were expected and the US reserved the right to take preemptive action to stop them.

“There are some indications out there that they may be planning additional attacks,” Esper said. “If we get word of attacks, we will take pre-emptive action as well to protect American forces, protect American lives. The game has changed.”

Suleimani’s death leaves Iraq and the region on the brink of a new upsurge in violence, with Trump’s and Khamenei’s moves and counter-moves hard to predict.

Trump ordered the strike at a time when the US Congress was in recess, and the White House framed the action as an act of self-defence in the context of counter-terror operations. But Democrats and some Republicans in Congress will see it as an usurpation of the legislature’s authority to decide matters of war and peace.

“One reason we don’t generally assassinate foreign political officials is the belief that such action will get more, not less, Americans killed,” Democratic Senator Chris Murphy said on Twitter. “That should be our real, pressing and grave worry tonight.” ... s-tensions

The Guardian, lol, already whining a little at the end to criticise President Trump.
This is definitely a big achievement.
Do not fuck with America.
Let's say you are right. What do you think will come in its place?

In Iraq, the people are already moving and nominating technocratic and independent elements and candidates to take over the government in the massive protests in the country.

In Iran, the reformists' faction with the various socialists and federalist elements have been fighting for decades and will take over the moment the regime falls.

In Lebanon, there are already many names demanded to take over the government by the protestors and the people in general like Nawaf Salam for example. Primarily, technocrats and democrats.

The only wild card is Syria as it's a Russian puppet primarily and not an Iranian one (for the most part).

In Yemen, there is already a government in place combining all elements fighting the clerics' proxies.

In Libya, there is already a national government supported by many countries fighting against Iranian and Turkish backed proxies.

The point is, there won't be a power vacuum.
We're not talking about a regime change where there are no alternative, we're talking about a regime spread across multiple countries falling apart due to internal revolution and uprising by the people and opposition factions.
The reformists in Iran aren't new, we've been fighting them for decades now.
The opposition in Lebanon and Iraq isn't new either.
Worst case scenario for Iraq is the Sadrists, an enemy of Iran, taking control; and those aren't all that bad, or bad at all.
Worst case scenario for Lebanon is that the powers of 14th coalition (Edit: 14th of march coalition) taking control, and those have a wide public support and are, in most cases, loved by the people; The likes of Hariri, Samy Jmail, Walid Junblat, Michel Daher, Michel El Murr, etc.

Trump's role is insignificant, so as the American role in general.
The revolution is internal by the masses of people sick and tired of them and their tyranny after this many decades.

It made it through many decades of sanctions because everyone united behind the flag if so to say, but not anymore.
The clerics have, in the past 3 years, have cut or eliminated almost all welfare programs, cracked down on the reformists factions, and have antagonized all major tribes, antagonized and are starting a fight with the Kurds and Azzaris, and have made living conditions miserable for the Balochi, Afghani, and southern Tribal peoples in general.

10 years ago, Iran was politically divided, sure, but everyone inside was forcibly united by the Americans as a common enemy; That is no longer the case, and the clerics even lost a massive portion of their public support in the past years as they've run the country to ruins starting with their own base.

May I also add that although Syria is a wild card, it's unlikely for the regime to survive if both Lebanon and Iraq turned against it as the opposition in Syria is already pretty pissed about the massacre going on in Idlib and a political shift in Iraq and Lebanon could see a renewal of efforts and support to remove the regime by force.

It ofcourse remain a wild card as Syria is not even close to being a single nation and a collapse of the military regime would most likely lead to an even bigger civil war the would end either in a forced federalization or all out partitioning of the country along the axis of North, south, coast, eastern tribes, and Kurds. (5 smaller nations basically).
I am actually very surprised with this news, afterall Trump defeated Hillary, fired John Bolton and filled the Whitehouse chock full of China Hawks. As far as retaliatory measures go he can just drone some more Shitte Milita or maybe down an Iranian Jet. Is this a concession towards Iran hawks to whip votes against impeachment?
I am not a fan of Trump, but I think in this case he made the right call. He has a duty to protect US citizens and the strike certainly puts the Iranians on notice not to attack our citizens. That being said, on the same token, I have to wonder if Trump pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal was a good idea and all of this could have been preventable in the first place. The whole idea is to prevent the necessity of the use of military force in the first place and I question if Trump pulling out of the nuclear deal could have set off a chain reaction of events that brought us to this point where we were forced to act to protect our citizens. You want to prevent the situation from escalating to this point in the first place.
Patrickov wrote:I suspect (or believe) that escalation is actually what Trump or his backers have always wanted.

Iran is talking alot (spewing threats at everyone) and have gained too much confidence because of the disastrous Obama policies

its time that the IR will know their place once again. they need to be treated as who they are terrorists and murders
colliric wrote:Iranian military chief Qassem Soleimani was assasinated by an American missile strike on Baghdad's airport. ... 53oku.html

Fucken war hawks.

Of course this news should please our resident Zionists.

Suleimani is such a polarizing figure. Hero to some, devil to the others. He lived a dangerous life, so he can only blame himself for this. (Well he can't now i guess)

By the way, this is the 4th time he has been killed so I wouldn't be surprised if he actually isn't dead.

Not all of the things he did was good and not everything was bad. He helped Syria with the civil war but on the other hand he basically was a tool of Iranian expansion and fueling proxy wars in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria.
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