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SaddamHuseinovic wrote:

Big pharma needs to develop medication to increase testosterone.

The anabolics we have today are from the Nazi era.

We need to ban a lot of chemicals.

There are second gen anabolics, and work is being done on the 3rd generation. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Not that anabolics would be a cure.
My testosterone levels are OK, I have been staying in non-industrialised countries for most of my life.
If the worst comes to the worst, I am prepared to share my fertile sperm with you to make your women with child. I can offer wholesale price and if you prefer, I can come over to do the deed myself with your wimminz.
Always ready to serve.

If men in the US exercised more, had less stress and ate healthier, we would see a significant rise in testosterone levels. Obese men tend to have lower testosterone levels. I happened to see a YouTube video about this yesterday.

Even women can have increased testosterone when they exercise more. It is no wonder I feel more masculine energy lately! :eek:
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