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By SolarCross
noemon wrote:Your one-line insults are as pathetic as your racism and general ridiculous behaviour. You add nothing of substance and now that you got trashed and ridiculed for your racism, you have found another reason to hate on people based on ageism. I suggest you visit your local mental health clinic. And if you are looking for me to ban you so you can pretend to0 be the victim this is not happening either. If you want to put your tail behind your legs and run, the doors are open and the dogs on their leashes as we says in Greece.

I am not a racist. As for the "agism" it is a fact that the boomers have tilted the table, the metrics are blatant. lol, I do not why I am bothering... I will go then. Delete my account and all my posts. I have better things to do with my time anyway.
I am not deleting anything and you are not entitled to any GDPR as this is not your personal data, dear. Nobody knows your name and your user name cannot be used to identify you in real life. If you post your real name or other personal data I will delete that and only that when it has been pointed out to me. If you want to leave, as I already said the doors are open. Goodbye!

PoFo does not hold any personal data for anybody, we do not have names, telephones, addresses. Your email you can change it yourself and do not require me but if you need help how to achieve that I will guide you as per my responsibilities.
Playing devil's advocate here - SolarCross you are Shaytan in this story - I kinda feel like racism has been / is tolerated on this board for ages, so why is it a problem today? Of course, I don't support it since I'm anti-racism.

Also, the ageism goes both ways. Drlee has often called people he disagrees with children for not being as old and wise as him, surely that can go both ways or no ways?
Sure skinster, but let's face it, SC has said nothing at all for the past weeks that is not either racist, or ageist or gay-hating or misogynistic. All these are permitted in small doses and when they are made in passing not when they are someone's permanent modus operandi. That's just pathetic and a reason to tell the guy, enough is quite enough.
It's not interesting or edgy or anything, it's just pathetic at this point.
@noemon I agree that kind of thing isn't interesting, just figured that if it's tolerated, then let it be. There are people on here who are racists and misogynists etc. so them putting that on display all the time isn't so surprising to me since that's what they are.

Anyway, I'm stepping out of this fight. Just thought I'd add my 2p. :D
Nothing in our terms and conditions enables you to have your posts deleted. Only PoFo has the right to edit, remove, close the posts within PoFo. Also the entity "SolarCross" is not a legal entity of any kind that has a specific agreement with "PoFo". PoFo does not have any of your personal data other than your email(which you can change on your own), no names, addresses, telephone, credit cards, nothing, and your email you can change it yourself. If you need help with that I can help you within my responsibilities. Other than that the door is open. Goodbye and do not let the door hit you on the way out.

Also for the record we do not profit from anything, but we will never delete any posts from in here other than personally identifying posts as we are required by law. We will do that for you too, when you point these posts out to us.

As a frequent target of @SolarCross‘s vitriol, I have not noticed any increase in his rudeness lately, and I also find that he is as amenable as always to de-escalation.

There is an element in the Democratic party that is resistant to change, and Biden and Warren are both within that faction. And it is also true that most of these “establishment” Democrats are old enough to be considered “baby boomers”.

And this group has been responsible for stifling most of the progressive policies put forth by the less evil wing of the Democrat party.
Pants-of-dog wrote:As a frequent target of @SolarCross‘s vitriol, I have not noticed any increase in his rudeness lately, and I also find that he is as amenable as always to de-escalation.

It could be me just noticing now and him being like that for several months due to my extended absence. It still does not change the fact that if you go through his posts you will not find anything political about any topic other than him frothing at the mouth for foreigners, boomers and SJW's. Still not sure why we're having this conversation, this poster has not even received a warning for his rule-breaking behaviour just called out on it.

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