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I think IT may be what we are seeing now in America.

Link to "Police erupt nationwide". This 'volcano' has been erupting in a small way for a long time, this might be the Mt. Saint Hellens eruption.
And it might trigger a worldwide Toba Super Volcano eruption. ... nationwide

Link to a Forbes article about Strauss and Howe's theory and what it means now. ... 15e9a6101e

Link to Wikepedia article on Strauss & Howe ... nal_theory

I'm not supposed to make a 2nd post, but rather to edit this one.

So, here goes.

A year go I was saying the Strauss and Howe have said that the lat Generational Wave, like all others, saw the end of an "I've got mine, too bad you don't" era. and the start of an "If we all work together, we can do anything (even walk on the Moon)" era.

Yes, working Boomers have not been able to stop the top 15% of Boomers from grabbing all the wealth. However, as I just posted here in "North America", adding the wealth of the top 1% or top 0.1% into all the poor retired Baby Boomers who live on just Soc. Sec. is a huge distortion. I for one do not have any of that wealth and I'm not alone.
. . . That Forbes article should be always talking about "rich Boomers" and not Boomers (as if we are all part of the problem). After 1990 when the Dem leadership decided to sell out America's workers (without telling anyone), voting for the Dems was voting for the "Social Justice Wing" of the Capitalist Party. That is, for the last 30 years or 7.5 administrations there has been no real alternative.
I have some solutions for the current protests against police brutality.

1] The US Gov. should have a separate special prison just for local and federal LEO who are sent to prison. This would let them lie out their sentence.
2] For Minneapolis I suggest that the uniformed police force be disbanded and the National Guard called up to do their jobs while a whole new uniformed force is trained.
3] Being a police officer should not be a job done by self-selected power hungry sadists and people who want to serve and protect the mass of the people. I suggest that they be drafted like soldiers used to be. That they serve for at least 5 years and be at least 25 years old when drafted. This goes for prison guards too.
4] I suggest that it be written into all state constitutions that LEO be prosecuted by the state level DAs.
5] LEO must not be allowed to defend their actions by claiming in court that they "felt threatened". I don't give a sh*t if they feel threatened they need to prove or demonstrate that they were threatened. We pay LEOs to go into dangerous situations and not start killing innocent until proven guilty citizens just because the LEOs "feel" threatened. If they can't do the job we pay them for they can quit or something else if they were drafted.

In the current riots I'm seeing reports that some of the violence is done by agents sent into the protest specifically to do some violent thing and then get out of there.
I suggest that we find a way to use all the cameras there and along the road to track them as they leave and see what car they get into. We need to find a way to stop the gov. from doing this to justify crushing dissent.
. . . Also, ordering this sort of thing and doing it is IMHO a far worse crime than an angry mob doing it. The Mob would be acting out of emotion because it is being harmed for a long time, while the gov. officials are doing it to crush the legitimate constitutional rights of the citizens. The punishment ought to be life without parole.

I also think that blocking traffic is not "violence". The totally non-confrontational demonstrations are too easy to ignore. I think that there must be some middle ground that lets the dissenters get the attention of the gov. and make them respond without triggering the police *crushing* the demonstration.
. . . Demonstrating is written into the Constitution's Bill of Rights. We must find a way to let it work the way the Founding Fathers intended.

Yes, I know all these ideas are pie in the sky. And at best are for later.
I ask all here who like Strauss and Howe's theory to comment on if this set of mass protests is in your opinion the "Trigger" that will be seen in the future as the start of the next Wave.

I'm sorry, it's been years since I read their books and I'm not sure my words are the same as theirs, but I think the are close.

If it is the trigger, then that means that the Crisis (this is their word) is still in the future.

An example from their reading of history is that the last wave's Trigger was the 1929 stock market crash and the Crisis of that Wave was the D-Day invasion.
. . . Another is that of the Am. Civil War, with the Trigger being Lincoln's election or the firing on Ft. Sumter and the Crisis being the Battle of Gettysburg.

I guess that their Crisis is the signal or sign of the beginning of the end.
And, I guess that their Trigger is the signal or sign of the arrival of the beginning of the Wave.

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