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LAS VEGAS (AP) — Three Nevada men with ties to a loose movement of right-wing extremists advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government have been arrested on terrorism-related charges in what authorities say was a conspiracy to spark violence during recent protests in Las Vegas.

Federal prosecutors say the three white men with U.S. military experience are accused of conspiring to carry out a plan that began in April in conjunction with protests to reopen businesses closed because of the coronavirus and later sought to capitalize on protests over the death of a Minneapolis man in police custody.

They were arrested Saturday on the way to a protest in downtown Las Vegas after filling gas cans at a parking lot and making Molotov cocktails in glass bottles, according to a copy of the criminal complaint obtained by The Associated Press.

The complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas on Wednesday said they self-identified as part of the “boogaloo” movement, which U.S. prosecutors said in the document is “a term used by extremists to signify coming civil war and/or fall of civilization.”

Stephen T. Parshall, 35, Andrew T. Lynam Jr., 23, and William L. Loomis, 40, were being held on $1 million bond each in the Clark County jail Wednesday, according to court records.

Each currently faces two federal charges — conspiracy to damage and destroy by fire and explosive, and possession of unregistered firearms — along with multiple terrorism-related state charges.

Court records don’t list lawyers for the men.
Donna wrote: The moral arc that was providentially described by Dr. King bends toward it.

The moral arc of the universe bends toward struggle sessions, gulags, and totalitarian collectivism? That is one hell of a moral arc. :lol:
Drlee wrote:In 1776 British ships cannonaded the town of Norfolk, VA. British marines looted the town.

American patriots looted British ships during the famous Boston Tea Party.

I am not justifying looting at all. I am, however, putting it into historical perspective. It does tend to get attention more than mere marching does.

Most of the time, it seems to me, acts of violence come as response to acts of violence. We have seen in this thread acts of violence by police who knew for certain that 1) they are not allowed by law or department regulation to commit them, 2) that they were being filmed doing it and 3) thought they would face no consequences.

On the good news side, in the Atlanta incident where two young people were dragged from their car and assaulted, two officers have already been fired and charged with aggravated assault and four others charged with serious offenses. We will see if anything comes of this but it is a good start.

blackjack21 wrote:That's called a lack of probable cause... yet another legal norm you're ready to dispense with.

Actually probable cause is irrelevant. Congress has constitutional duty to supervise the executive branch. There are no limitations regarding any sort of probable cause or anything of the matter. This is a legitimate point, people of power abuse their power often. This is a guy that is not above doing shady and illegal things. We have seen him extort foreign governments, bribe pornstars, lie and far worse shit. This is a guy that long before he was president, long before he was a candidate for president, long before he was a "republican" had plenty of clash with the law, ties to organized crime/mafia. T
This is something that Congress didn't have to do before because all candidates put their taxes forward willingly and without congress intervention for the last 5 decades. They didn't do it before because they didn't have to. The same way we didn't regulate vaping in 1990, nobody was vaping right there... there was no need to regulate it back then. Now there is a need. It is so ironic that our current crook is often compared to the first crook that triggered the tradition, also a crook that was impeached...
Furthermore, if you wanted probable cause... take your pick, bribery, tax fraud/avoidance, campaign fraud. I could come up with more but we both know you will ignore it, talk about another topic for your next post and then at some point bring this up again so we can go in circles for days. That is usually how it works with you trolls.

Do you know why people blast me as racist,

It is quite obvious to me:
► Show Spoiler

It's that I openly reject the notion of absolute equality. Keep in mind that you do too. You even reject the notion of equality before the law, which is what you've done in the last two quips--something that I don't support. That is the very same intellectual mechanism that allows for different classes and oppressing people. Liberals believe that insisting everyone be treated equally will fix this problem. I say it is time to look beyond equality as a tool to extend dignity. There should be more than one way.

Nonsense. This is a strawman, I have never advocated for something called "absolute equality" not seen anyone make such a claim.
If the law is to be applied equally, that means that everyone would get to look at everyone else's tax returns.

I have no problem with the law being applied equally.
First, this is not a law. Second, if it were to become a law (the reason why there is a legitimate congressional inquiry) it should definitely apply to everyone running for president (or office, if they decide to make it broad for senators/representatives and/or any other public position).
When you apply for a job, your employer will ask you for your security. You can refuse... but you won't get the job. That does not mean that everyone needs to share their social security in the internet.
Similarly, the US people is the president's employer, we get to decide what we ask of him/her as to evaluate if he/she is a good candidate. Congress represents us, since technically it is impractical for the US president to deal on a 1-to-1 basis with US (the employer).
Now, I am not saying that this information has/should be made public automatically either. I do think Congress should think carefully and the options might include to make it public all the time, or to share them with ethics committees for them to issue advice on how to proceed regarding further disclosures.
So you are wrong in so many levels.

Are you ready to make that leap?

A lot of young people don't care about privacy; yet, there are others that consider it a right.

You can keep your privacy if you don't want to run for president. Being the president is a privilege not a right. If it was a right, sign me in :lol: .
You wave certain rights when you become a Public figure. Think of it, for the rest of his life he will have secret service behind him....
I imagine a kid today would be fine with a cam in their shower livestreaming their bits and pieces to the world. Others would consider it a gross violation of their privacy.

We are way, WAY past that point. Look at the current case, how many angles of footage did we get. What are the chances of having a murder being filmed by multiple angles?
Those are all nationalist policies from the mid-20th Century when nationalism was at its peak and popular. They're more akin to facist/national socialist policies than communist. Germany's model differs from the Beveridge model.

Listen, im not a stickler for labels. It is your dear leader who keeps insisting on those labels not me. I prefer to deal in concepts and facts. By no means, any politician in the US is particularly to the left when compared to other civilized countries. So all of this outrage and crying that the crazy righties do is complete utter crocodile teardom.

Only a week ago, Bill de Blasio was threatening to send police into the water to drag individual swimmers out of the water and arrest them for not obeying the lockdown orders. Democrats were calling for the arrest of a solitary man in his kayak, 1000s of yards from anyone. Now, their cities are burning. NYC has rioters swarming fifth avenue, and de Blasio is not doing a thing. Explain to me why it's understandable for rioters to steal cars, light buildings and cop cars on fire, break and enter and burgle jewelry stores, beat business owners, and pre-position stacks of bricks to get crowds to throw bricks at the police; yet, I cannot go and legally get a haircut, because that's dangerous? Sorry XogGyux, I blew my fuse with these people long ago, and they've done nothing to restore my faith in them since--Democrats (the worst) and Republicans (not much better). Tainari88 wants me to lay out some elaborate ideological vision for the future. My goals are much more pragmatic: get these motherfuckers out of office now, and we'll figure the rest out later. Trump is just a placeholder.

Yeah, I guess you prefer your politicians to use teargas and violence to disperse peaceful protests for the most ridiculous photoshoot in the world.
This is what your TV president tried to emulate:

This is what your TV president actually got:

You want a TV president? Vote for Jed Bartlet, even a fictitious character is far better than Trump.

I am cheering for the destruction of a political cabal that has outlived its usefulness.

You are a fool then. This is dangerous and it will lead to immeasurable pain and suffering including poverty, hunger, death. And that is not with a guarantee that the next thing will be any better than what exists. If we had a terrible system, I would say, go for it, we have little to lose we should fight for that. But it is not the case, we are in the most prosperous country in a world that is seeing its most prosperous time in history. Do you know how revolutions happen? French revolution? Guillotines, October revolution? executions, Cuban revolution? Executions, US independence? War.
Sometimes these are worth it on oppressive systems, if we were in North Korea or Cuba then it wouldn't be unreasonable what you are suggesting, then again we wouldn't be discussing this in the internet :lol: .
You are playing with an open flame and gasoline, and on top of that you are drunk.
Covid is not a threat

Please go tell that to the families of the dead.
et's impeach Trump; whoops that didn't work;

Of course it did. Trump is impeached.

Covid is going to kill millions; let's lock down the country;

You keep trying to use that angle as if democrats somehow were the ones doing that when in fact both democrats and republicans did that, under the guidance and lead of a republican president, and most of the world also did it which has nothing to do with our politics. Only Trump made COVID about politics and you sheep keep following him even though it makes no sense and if anything makes him look even weaker and more idiotic.

whoops destroyed the livelihoods of the voters;

His inability to confront this early on made it so we had a pandemic crisis and an economic crisis. Remember, the knew early, early enough for certain senators to capitalize on this based on early intelligence and make millions. Early enough that just minor adjustments at that time could have avoided a national lockdown, a health crisis and thousands of lives lost. There is only one orange reason for the destructions of those livelihoods, and their lives and their family's.

let's let people riot, because that's understandable. Really?

Yes, really.

I've had enough of this political class, and I've been very clear about that.

Yeah, probably you are old and close to death and are just hoping for a bit of drama before that happens... The rest of us that have to deal with the aftermath are not very excited of that option.

You'd be surprised, but you're probably right about that. However, fentanyl does slow the heart rate and the respiratory rate.

Maybe you didn't read what I explained to the other guy.... You should go and do it, it will be helpful :lol: .

Add some stressors to that situation, and you could see cardiac arrest.

Two mechanisms that don't make any sense together. A person that has enough fentanyl in their system to depress their respiratory drive, would not feel "stressed" by anything going around them. We keep people in the ICU on fentanyl drips while tubes are down their throat, trachea, rectum, penis, multiple IVs, sometimes even open/exposed abdomens. Stop trying to make shit up. You can either OD on the stuff.... (which is not the case). Trying to look for excuses is pathetic.
You will find people who will testify to that.

Only quacks that either don't have (or don't care to maintain) any reputation. And for every one quack you find, you will find 100 actual doctors that will dismiss this stupid conspiracy theory.

So throwing out these misdirections is pointless.

I 100% agree with you, stop throwing misdirections then.

Lawyers are skilled at creating impressions in the minds of juries. That's why they make the big bucks.

That is their job. You don't have to spread lies in here for them.

You can get scientists to testify that smoking doesn't necessarily cause lung cancer.

Not anymore you can't. You could have in the past. Medicine was not really a science until the 20th century, it was not until 1948 that the first (or at least thought to be the first) placebo-controlled randomized trial was conducted for streptomycin in the treatment of tuberculosis. Until the 20th century "blood letting" was part of the medical curriculum, a practice that quite literally took out the blood of the patients to treat anything... quite barbaric really (presumed to be the reason for George Washington death or at least a contributing factor, almost 4L of blood was removed by doctors after falling ill, pneumonia). So it is not surprising that on the fringe of ignorance you are willing to find some that are willing to go the extra mile and testify something idiotic. Furthermore, you are talking about a time in history where there was no social media, no internet, no mass press. Not only it is more likely to have doctor "experts" that are not necesarily up to date, but they would have had less pressure as the risk of exposure, widespread ridicule, etc is lesser compared to today. In any event, trying to find holes in the prosecution is not your job.

Being a doctor doesn't make you virtuous.

No, but perhaps not being a jackass racist might get me there closer.

There are murderer doctors too.

Are you accusing me of murder?

Purdue pharmaceuticals marketed Oxycontin as a non-addictive opioid, getting doctors to overprescribe it and leading to a massive opioid epidemic.

Oh goodie, you are keeping up with the news.

There are doctors who specialize for all intents and purposes in defrauding the disability insurance system.

Interesting, moving in the direction of attacking doctors. I wonder if this mean you are starting to go for personal attacks (Ad Hominems) presumably because of your weak, shitty, racists, ignorant, circular arguments. This indicates we are approaching the end of the discussion.

There are plenty of pictures of Biden getting feely with women, and the women looking uncomfortable. Yet, none of that matters to me.

There are plenty of pictures of Biden with men also looking uncomfortable. The guy obviously is socially awkward, not really a crime. Perhaps a bit creepy.
I don't like Biden, because he's the establishment's candidate.

There is nobody more establishment than Trump. He was born into the establishment and he has been establishment for his whole life. That is not your reason, if it were, Trump would be the last of your candidates.
Tell me, did you want Tom Steyer be the next president? He was not a politician either... if all you wanted is a non-politician this was your guy, or even Andrew Yang. You are fool of shit, I can smell it.

I spit up laughing and almost choke my drink when the Democrats tested the line, "What we need is new leadership." Really? Joe Biden.

Dude. Compared to Trump, a rock provides more leadership.
That's because you have faith in the establishment, and I do not.

I actually don't have faith in anything. Not a single thing.
Biden is far more corrupt, as are most career politicians. Trump isn't out there starting wars like Bush and Obama.

More corrupt than Mr Liar?
More corrupt that the Individual 1 Mr campaign finance fraudster?
More corrupt than the guy than a guy that has like 2 dozen associates in either jail or under investigation or did jail already and got released?
More corrupt that the guy that colluded with russian?
More corrupt than the guy that got impeached?
More corrupt than the guy that extorted the Ukranian president?
More corrupt than the guy that has lead thousands of Americans to their death because he couldn't be sincere enough at the begining to warn America of a pandemic?
More corrupt that then guy that is still fighting the congress which has the right to oversee the executive branch?
Please. You don't talk to me about corruption, you cannot, it is impossible, you don't know shit about what corruption is.
I think we're safer with Trump.

I think your brain is malfunctioning. Call Nikolai
Who cares?

Definitely not you. Unless Biden is accused without evidence, then you call him shit.
I don't agree with anything they stand for politically.

Oh... so it has nothing to do with establishment then. Stop given that stupid excuse. Tell the truth, you just want the racists, xenophobic, anti-science, nationalistic bullshit that he stands for. You don't care for insiders or outsiders or establishment or any of that crap.
Uh... reverse psychology? Really? That doesn't even work on teenagers anymore.

It is not reverse psychology. Can't use psychology on a rock. I'm simply doing some archeological work, exposing you :lol: WOW that analogy came out better than I expected
Joe Biden is Donald Trump. Donald Trump is Joe Biden.

I think you are malfunctioning. Quickly, press control-alt-delete
He says he's going to come and take away people's AR-15s.

Not him personally. There are many people with guns and he is a bit old to be collecting so many heavy weaponry.
No we aren't. China is the worst, followed by Belgium, the UK, Spain, Italy and France in terms of deaths per 1M population. China just lies about its numbers.


Donna wrote:Just read about that now. Arrest warrants have been issued for 6 police officers involved in the attack.

I wonder. What exactly did they find today (or yesterday) that prompted these charges now. I mean, if they are placing these charges on the information that we had last week... why did they wait for riots? Isn't that very irresponsible? How many lives were put in danger (or lost) because of riots/and protests that perhaps would not have been occurred if they have acted quickly? So I do hope they explain the reason for the delay... they need to come up with a pretty danm good excuse for that.

I don't even know what senator that is, or what state. But really?
Also... it seems that Romney got his balls snipped after the impeachment. Poor him :lol:
XogGyux wrote:
I wonder. What exactly did they find today (or yesterday) that prompted these charges now. I mean, if they are placing these charges on the information that we had last week... why did they wait for riots? Isn't that very irresponsible? How many lives were put in danger (or lost) because of riots/and protests that perhaps would not have been occurred if they have acted quickly? So I do hope they explain the reason for the delay... they need to come up with a pretty danm good excuse for that.

Oh I'm referring to the 6 Atlanta cops who assaulted a black couple in their car on Monday night.
You have been provided with video footage of police breaking stuff, white supremacists getting caught running fake "antifa accounts"

I've been provided with police breaking stuff, sure, because many police are bullies and cowards, breaking stuff is easier than doing their job and upholding law and order. As for ''White Supremacists getting caught running fake antifa accounts''... I have no doubt that those assholes are neither White Supremacists or Antifa as such, but spooks.

but all you have the decency to do is "lalalalalala, I can't see nothing", you carry on denying reality and focusing on a tangent so that you actively engage in the denial that perpetuates the racism.

Spoken like someone telling someone about what the horizon looks like, from the bottom of a well. I'll simply say that I don't possess any particular monomania or tunnel vision others might belabor under.

Instead of condemning the police brutality, instead of condemning the police breaking stuff right in your face, instead of condemning the unjust death of an innocent man,

I've done all that. I also condemn the rioting scum and anarchists, because they are rioting scum and anarchists. In any case, the police aren't being police, neither strictly enforcing law and order, and being more of a threat to handcuffed person alreadys on the ground and people disobeying/protesting quarantine, barbers and salon owners, etc... You remember the recent lock down, don't you?

instead of condemning your pathetic President

He is the President of the United States, and I follow the lawful authorities insofar as my conscience allows me, whether Obama, Bush, or Donald Trump. You might find in my past posting history little of anything in ''condemnation'' of any sitting authority at the time, by the way. What I won't do is march into lock step with your flawed narrative you're trying to shape.

from losing control of your State(your pretension of being a law & order statist goes out the window just for that) through his own hubris, obtuseness and arrogance, you are here to do what exactly?

See traitors to civilization go to jail. No progress in civilization is possible without the pre-condition of civilization to begin with. That's why I supported the Soviet intervention into Afghanistan in 1979, for example.

to point your fingers at those who do condemn these things and call them morally bankrupt and expect to be told nothing at all? No mate, you are the morally bankrupt one along with Verv, Hindsite and whoever else for doing all these morally unjust things.

It's not ''morally bankrupt'' to uphold law and order, quite the contrary and there's no need for me to even question motivations as long as the right thing is done; criminals off the streets, innocent people protected, the guilty punished. Collective responsibility, not collective guilt and the constant ''victim olympics'' of Identity Politics. Socialism is not built by that, it's prevented by that...

For using that instigation to deflect from the actual topic, to deny the injustice that is going on. You have no leg to stand on because you are talking to yourself, and you are discussing your own straw-man argument. No-one is defending the riots as ok, you are the one deflecting from the real issue and for what purpose exactly?

I thought you said the looting was ''fake'' and carried out by ''White Supremacists''?

Here is yet another video of police breaking cars and vandalising property, just go near the end of it for this footage.

And? I've seen criminals in uniform do much much worse, in my own personal life experience. I'm an Authoritarian, I expect much more from public servants than the regular population (although I expect much from them as well... We have much to do.)
Saeko wrote:Oh my god that Greek video made me cry for the first time in more than 10 years.

This is what we are now. God help us.

What happened? The only one I saw was the one where the Greek protestors were lobbing fire bombs at the embassy, is that what you're talking about?
Hindsite wrote:I am sure he was just joking to relieve some of the tension. You are taking all this too seriously. Most of our police are good people just trying to do the job of maintaining law and order. We should all appreciate the fact that they risk their lives to protect the rest of us from criminals. ... 41062.html

Yes I'm sure it was a joke.
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