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ckaihatsu wrote:As I said on the other thread I'd like to see legislation that *specifically* addresses this summary-execution-for-noncompliance dynamic on the part of killer cops.

Got any free time?

I am content to let the politicians do that debate.
colliric wrote:Politics is a combat sport.

ckaihatsu wrote:So then what are you doing *here*, at a keyboard?

I liked colliric's post because I agree that politics is a combat sport.
My lifelong sports experiences are in volleyball, karate, and swimming and cycling.

Of all of these, it is the "combat" nature of karate that most clearly resembles the appropriate approach to verbal arguments about things like politics.

Tactical and defensive, cautious and focussed

Combat, because there is a meeting of ideas and notions and perspectives that clash.

Sport because this is done with rules in an orderly fashion with the hope that no one gets hurt.

When people start throwing away rules and choking people to death because they look different or suspicious to overly armed role-players who live in a race-based social narrative... the 'clash of ideas' of a 'combat sport' has descended into scratching and clawing out eyeballs.

This is why I have yellow-flagged this action.
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