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The non-democratic state: Platonism, Fascism, Theocracy, Monarchy etc.
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And from the depths of my heart, fuck your political correctness and fuck your "democracy".

I'd rather live in a kingdom in which at least the people are spiritually free, than live in a "democracy" whose people are mentally enslaved .

There is a reason Ancient Athens City-state was probably the peak of human civilisation, whilst our modern "free-world" has stagnated culturally and politically before it even begun.
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Code Rood wrote:Most (young) people are content with living meaningless lives, I'm sad to say. They have successfully been domesticated by people that are giving them Marvel, porn, videogames and so on. Their ''identity'' pretty much consists of collecting Star Wars figures and following their favourite football club. They fill up the void in their lives with stupid crap,...

Part of the problem is the times in which we live--pretty much the doldrums of history. A severe crisis would wake many of them up and foster real leadership and purpose.
Verv wrote:For instance, anti-pronography is generally a religious thing, and often doesn't bother religionless people.

I've always found the prudery of Theists rather strange. I mean if you're an atheist you may well have a secret sexual fantasy, that you might feel shame or at the very least caution about revealing to others. If you believe in the Abrahamic God on the otherhand, I think of the Christian God as a sort of Yahweh 3.1, then you have to get used to the fact that you're being watched for every moment of your existence, from every angle at extremely high resolutions. God is very vigilant you know, even more vigilant than the guards assigned to Epstein's suicide watch.

But the other thing is that God knows everything that is going to happen before it happens. The corollary of this is that, what ever the most sick, disgusting, perverted sexual thought you have is, you can be absolutely certain that God has thought it first. Therefore you are just reflecting the mind of God. Remember the same applies to pornographic videos. Every frame of every porn film that will ever be made had already been visualised by God before the world even began.

BTW if you're uncomfortable with Theism then just take Hui Neng's word for it:
If all is void from the beginning where can the dust alight?
Hellas me ponas wrote:Thus, yes today's youngsters are very authoritarian BUT they are closer to left and far left ideals than right.

I very much doubt it. Today's youth don't know the first thing about being left. They are simply extremist. They'll espouse any cause, left, right, vegan, islamist, ..., as long as it is extreme.

The energy of youth can be misdirected (as with Mao's red guards or Hitler's youth) or it can be directionless (as today), because it lacks a positive direction. There are plenty of worthwhile causes young people could dedicated their energy too instead of binge drinking or smashing up football stadiums. Permissive society doesn't dare giving young people a positive direction. Such a waste.
Atlantis wrote:I very much doubt it. Today's youth don't know the first thing about being left. They are simply extremist. They'll espouse any cause, left, right, vegan, islamist, ..., as long as it is extreme.

I disagree. "The youth" of today are fighting the same battles that every generation fights, but are more drawn to "extremes" for very obvious reasons. I'm in my late twenties and already living through the second major global recession of my lifetime, which will of course do more damage to young people than the boomers, who are insulated by virtue of already having hoarded all of society's wealth.

Couple that with the fact that it will by today's young people who have to live through the effects of climate change, and it becomes pretty obvious why technocratic centrist capitalism isn't as appealing as it was in 1991.
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