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jimjam wrote:Nothing new here. So far Obese Donald has had his paid operatives come up with smear Biden shit and he has had Turkey invade Syria as distractions from issue #1 ……. Donald's impeachment. Fully predictable Obese Donald tried and true tactics.

Shit …. it's going to be a long hate filled year of shit and smears. I wonder how Donald's health insurance reform and infrastructure renewal is coming along. It seems that all he can generate is the usual simple minded "lock (fill in the blank) up!" nonsense and get Americans to hate each other.

As long as it works, why not?
I don't think we should just assume that Joe Biden was in the Ukraine just for the money. I'm sure there were a lot of Ukrainian young women, that were in need of a hug from Uncle Joe.
Hindsite wrote:Marie Yovanovitch also had ties to Biden, since she was another one of those Obama administration holdovers and was apparently there in Ukraine as ambassador during all the previous corruption and the Biden scandal.

Trump's failure to purge Obama holdovers was a serious oversight that has consistently bit him in the ass time and time again. I think that's one of the behaviors that speaks to Trump's unpreparedness for office and also inexperience. When CEOs take over a company, they nearly always purge the previous management staff and bring in their own people because the old staff will have different priorities and different loyalties. Trump has a grossly misplaced sense of fairness that has not served him well.

Hindsite wrote:I liked the fact that President Trump was not part of the political establishment, but the drawback is that he was not politically connected enough to be able to replace all the holdovers as soon as he came into office. Yovanovitch is just another bad one removed from the swamp.

That may be the case, but I think three years is enough time to figure that stuff out.

jimjam wrote:Stay tuned H.S. the show is just beginning.

You've been saying that for years now.

jimjam wrote:There will be more whistleblowers and patriotic Americans coming forward to keep you and Donald quite busy.

Yes. We know. It seems the deep state has been planning election year surprises, and we can expect a flurry of them. Hasn't dampened enthusiasm for Trump though.

Hindsite wrote:There could be a hundred whistleblowers, but none of them matter now. I have the memorandum of the actual call. There is no need for more rumors from so-called whistleblowers telling more lies.

Again, this speaks to the ineptness of the deep state. Trump releasing the transcript of this was game over for them and they still don't seem to understand that. The whistleblower stuff is just official "concern trolling".

jimjam wrote:Obese Donald has been running a world wide crime operation for years. There is almost unlimited opportunity for whistles …………….. I hear IRS may be next...……...


Sivad wrote:Joe Biden 'Personally Paid $900,000 By Burisma' According To Ukrainian MP In Bombshell Admission

That will be very interesting if shown to be true. They prosecuted Flynn for not registering as a lobbyist for foreign interests. I wonder if Biden has so registered.

jimjam wrote:Really ………….. well, then, there is nothing for Donald to hide ………… let's see his returns. No lawyer bullshit ….. just the returns …. now.

Privacy Act jimjam. The law applies equally in the United States.

Stormsmith wrote:Sounds like they're coming out of the woodwork now.

Yeah. And it's pointless. There is no violation of the law. Everyone has seen the transcript. The whistleblower mislead the House Intelligence Committee chairman and the Speaker of the House, it seems.

jimjam wrote:So far Obese Donald has had his paid operatives come up with smear Biden shit

It was the New York Times that came up with that story, and it turns out to be true. Biden also bragged about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. There's video of it.

To the point of the ineptness of anti-Trump types, you've been one to constantly lament that Trump doesn't pay people. He stiffs them. And once again, you are accusing Trump of doing something that Hillary actually did, and it didn't bother you when Hillary did it. Instead, you went on a three year tirade along with the entire deep state and came up snake eyes, all based on Hillary Clinton's phony dossier and phony charges that Trump colluded with Russia in the hacking of the email servers. The only damage done by that leak was just to show the electorate what the Democrats are really like when nobody is looking.

jimjam wrote:It seems that all he can generate is the usual simple minded "lock (fill in the blank) up!" nonsense and get Americans to hate each other.

The entire establishment has been calling white people racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, etc. for almost a decade now. It's not surprising to anyone but the establishment that a huge bloc of the electorate has decided they don't want to vote for establishment candidates anymore.
Hunter Biden to Resign From Board of Chinese Private-Equity Firm

Son of Joe Biden says he won’t work for any foreign-owned companies or serve on their boards if his father is elected president.

The former vice president’s son, 49 years old, served on the board of Ukrainian natural-gas company Burisma Holdings Ltd. while his father oversaw U.S. policy on Ukraine as vice president. Hunter Biden stepped down from the Burisma board in April. The younger Biden remained a director of BHR (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., a Chinese investment firm, where Mr. Trump also alleges inappropriate conduct by the Bidens. Hunter Biden said Sunday he would remove himself from the firm’s board on Oct. 31.

The statement didn’t address how Hunter Biden intends to treat his 10% stake in the Shanghai-registered firm, which has invested mostly in China and is primarily owned by some of the country’s largest financial firms.

BHR Partners over the past roughly six years has channeled $2.5 billion or more on behalf of its financial backers into automotive, energy, mining and technology deals, according to interviews with people familiar with the private-equity firm and a review by The Wall Street Journal of financial filings and other official business records. The venture is 80% controlled by Chinese entities, some backed by major financial players like Bank of China Ltd. , according to its corporate filings in Shanghai.

On Sunday, the firm’s Shanghai business registration showed no updates to its corporate structure since mid-September when Mr. Biden was affirmed as a director on its nine-seat board. ... 1570972904
Joe Biden will win due to bad managment of corona by Trump.

Trump is also corrupted by Russia but Russia is not a threat to the US, Russia has a small millitary budget and a shrinking population and a resources based 3rd world economy.

Biden will be hard on Russia and make more money with China.

China will become the leading power on this planet

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