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QatzelOk wrote:No. Chuck E Cheese is more like it.

Unlike Arby's, Chuck E Cheese has a secret agenda that has nothing to do with food.

I take your point but what secret agenda is Chuck E Cheese working?
Sivad wrote:

I take your point but what secret agenda is Chuck E Cheese working?

Secret agenda. Elephant in the room. Is it ok to have mice running around inside the kitchen. If there is a giant mouse in the house should you avoid ordering the food. When you can finally get used to having rodents around you and it seems like fun and games. Arby's Beef and Cheddar with horsey sauce is good but without the arcade it just isn't an accurate comparison.......Happy Talk...... America's citizens can have fun with Chucky Cheese but Chucky Schumer is more like Ricky The Rat. Having Pelosi in the House is way worse than a mouse in the Kitchen....even one with hantavirus. Imagine how much pork the Piglosi Pigs have added to everything over the last 30 years. With that kind of money even Oprah could buy everyone a pizza. Seems like someone would expose all of the past corruption of both parties and start tarring and feathering the traitors or make them take turns in the mouse costume. God Bless America. God Bless President Trump. Good Propaganda leads America's taxpaying legal citizens away from Communism. Bad Propaganda will always lead to a failed socialist economy that favors the equal treatment of unequal people. With the current Democrats everyone in America will be treated as poorly as the people will accept. The Homeless that actually accept failure as an option and those that support sanctuary cities for illegals will praise Fentanyl kings and queens as they defund the police. Antifa and BLM are terrorists that destroy everything they touch and promote communism in a nutty shell. All Communism must be eliminated from all of America's political arenas.
Matthew Hoh looks at what America's pentagon-sponsored brainwashing has done,
converting most viewers into Manichean simpletons, on the lookout for bad-guys to kill:

Matthew Hoh wrote:There’s a sickness that comes with the certainty of those who view the world in so black and white, so good and bad, so us versus them terms, that killing is often a morally defensible act.

Right away, at the movie industry’s founding, the US military was heavily involved in the business of Hollywood and in ensuring Americans had an understanding of American history and society, and the world, as befitted the American military and government.

Pentagon and Hollywood storytelling, again focusing on the myth of redemptive violence, begins as soon as children watch cartoons, which often use excessive violence to achieve order and justice


Sivad wrote:I take your point but what secret agenda is Chuck E Cheese working?

Cheap electronic entertainment.
In an article on "the Center for Countering Digital Hate," Off-Guardian author Iain Davis notices that this institution (and many others) is primarily trying to create the impression that people who question any type of vaccine program are motivated by "hate."

He notes the power of money in shaping a very profitable media environment for pro-drug propaganda:

Iain Davis wrote:The pharmaceutical industry’s U.S. social media ad-spend is projected to exceed $4 Bn in 2020. In the U.S. alone, they invest more than $30 Bn annually on MSM advertising and devote more resources to political lobbying than any other industry.


And in a second follow-up article, Iain Davis notes the connections between "defenders of Internet integrity and truth" and various corporate sponsors, many of which are in Big Pharma or the tax-deduction racket:

The DCMS recommended Newsguard is another truth-teller and fact checker which sells itself as a great bastion of epistemological certainty. Touting themselves as the Internet trust tool, they have created a handy browser extension that will automatically censor the Internet for you.

There is no attempt to encourage critical thinking, any independent research or intellectual autonomy, but rather a colour coded warning system, perfect for infants, that will do your thinking for you. Selected websites will receive Newsguard’s trust rating. This is based entirely upon a set of meaningless criteria, which sound great, but absolutely boil down to Newsguard’s bought and paid for opinion.

Newsguard’s founder and leading investor is Steven Brill. He is a member of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) whose European branch (the ECFR) Kirsty McNeill graces. As a leading U.S. foreign policy think tank the CFR is arguably one of the most influential policy organisations on Earth.
Below, an interesting quote from Thomas Stephen's recente article "Can Language Help Us Heal?," in which the author describes commercial media as "normalized lying."

Thomas Stephens wrote:The half dozen media billionaire corporations that control information spent the past 5 years milking Trump for revenue, gifting him billions in free publicity.

They lack sufficient self-awareness to turn their objective journalistic attention to critical contradictions, like the effects of corporate media ownership consolidation on their “news” product; to tell essential historic and systemic truths behind the con-that’s-weaker-than-all-the-other-cons called Russiagate; indeed, as big powerful corporations they trade for profit in their own power. That’s what they do.

They don’t usually really tell the truth about much of anything. That’s considered “normal”.

Remember this as you're reading the New York Times, or watching CNN. That they are normalizing lying - making the manipulation of facts NORMAL as a means of ripping off normal people.

Billionaires want your freedom, and they have your eyeballs glued to their psychologically manipulative products.
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What media moguls don’t want you to know: Youtube and Google attack Cuba and Venezuela
On Aug. 20, just ahead of programming about the start of clinical trials for Cuba’s COVID-19 vaccine, Soberana-01, YouTube management disabled Mesa Redonda’s channel. Mesa Redonda (Roundtable) airs Monday through Friday evenings on Cuban national television. Its international audience included more than 19,000 YouTube channel subscribers. Mesa Redonda is still streamed through Facebook and the Aug. 20 program can be viewed there.

The Aug. 20 program features details about the investigative process and clinical trials. Addressing the world were the Cuban scientists who developed the vaccine that is big news for the pandemic-shocked world: the Director General of the Finlay Institute of Vaccines, the two women scientists who developed the vaccine and the director of Cuba’s medical regulator agency CECMED. It is the first vaccine trial submitted from Latin America and the Caribbean. Its name, Soberana, means sovereign.

According to a report from Cubainformacion.tv the number of subscribers to Mesa Redonda’s channel had doubled in 2020. Social media like YouTube provide Cuba’s voice unfiltered and unslanted by the imperialist-minded corporate media.

Since it was established in 2009, the Mesa Redonda YouTube channel had accumulated archives of the programs, interviews and documentaries, creating an international resource that is now unavailable.

Cubainformacion.tv also reported the cancellation of three YouTube accounts for the Venezuelan state television channel VTV and access to its Gmail emails. The three accounts were Complete VTV Programs, Multimedios VTV and the dedicated account for live transmission.

The development of digital media and communication platforms opens new avenues to information, views and ideas, challenging the white-supremacist, neoliberal capitalist lens. These tools combat the U.S. propaganda war of lies about Cuba and Venezuela penetrating the media monopoly.

A current example is the scurrilous U.S. slander campaign waged against Cuban internationalist medical solidarity. The Pan American Health Organization awarded the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade the prestigious 2017 Prize for Public Health. Cuba’s 250 specialized “health workers constituted the single largest medical operation on the ground in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia,” during the 2014-2016 West Africa Ebola outbreak. And now a global movement supports awarding the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to the Henry Reeve Brigade for the fight to curb the coronavirus pandemic and save lives. (CubaNobel.org)

In the late 1960s, the direct voice of Cuba was only available via shortwave Radio Havana Cuba broadcasts or hand-to-hand sharing of dated print editions of the Cuban Communist Party newspaper Granma. Now, many Cuban publications can be found on the web, on Facebook, through Whatsapp or Telegram subscriptions, YouTube, Twitter and more. TeleSUR, the collaborative media initiated by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America is a powerful source for news from the world, including Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas.

Communication platforms taken for granted and more widely employed in the U.S. during the pandemic, like Zoom and WebEx, are blocked for use in Cuba. It is time for the economic, financial and commercial blockade to end.

AUG. 21 UPDATE: YouTube restored Mesa Redonda’s account today affirming the account did not infringe on the Conditions of Service. No explanation was given.

But as President Miguel Diaz-Canel tweeted, “Those who don’t want the world to know about our vaccine blocked Cuban digital channels. Anyway, no one has been vaccinated and the needle prick is already hurting.

As of 10 pm EDT, VTV’s account has not been restored. The blockade is real.
https://www.struggle-la-lucha.org/2020/ ... venezuela/
An interesting video interview (featuring Chris Hedges as the interviewer) where Professor James W. Loewen explains some of the reasons why our History books are boring and fake.

This is a very good introduction to how oligarchies create and teach "Fake History" by using ghost-writers, and group vetting to remove negative content that explains motivations and consequences.

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