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By maz

I think Senator Harris may have as many reasons as Hillary Clinton that demonstrates why she has no business anywhere near the White House.
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By Chad
Julian658 wrote:
There is a national mood of defunding police and to not prosecute criminals. The crime rate is already rising. When crime becomes intolerable once again the pendulum will swing back into greater law enforcement and prison for criminals.

Hillary lost and the Democrats still cannot believe that the law abiding taxpaying legal American Citizens want President Trump in the White House. The silent majority is always overlooked by the Socialists. No one with any forehead is on board to defund the police. There is a fake national mood of defunding police by Democrats that want anarchy. The reason the Democrats choose to not prosecute criminals is that the crimes are not counted on the books and with a revolving door a handful (thousands=Antifa) of hard core criminals can create unlimited(unchecked) Chaos. The BLM group got hijacked by Radicals that would destroy America even if every one of their demands were met overnight. It is known that they are against America and not for the reason they claim as a name. All Communist are the same in that they use chaos and anarchy to divide and conquer the gullible and the weak. Oppressed people will desire a savior so badly that they will bow before the anti Christ. Democrats = Anarchy It is time to check America's political Arenas for true Patriots and purge any and all political Arenas of Communists disguised as Globalist Socialists. Pelosi (The Pork Queen) has got to go and quickly.
By Pants-of-dog
There is a good CBC article about how she could move to Canada and become the leader of the Conservative party.
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By jimjam
The website Americans For Freedom, Guns And Liberty claims that Harris eats babies and has nasty flatulence ………. that's good enough for me. I'll take Mike "Mr. Dynamite" Pence any day. Plus she's coming for your guns …. all 380,000,000 of them including the 14 assault rifles in your attic.
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By Julian658
jimjam wrote: Harris eats babies and has nasty flatulence ……….

Not as nasty as what the left think tanks say about Trump.
This woman is a pragmatist and worse than HRC. At least HRC did not sell her looks to get to the top.
By Pants-of-dog
Here it is:

https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/kamala ... -1.5683974

    By Canadian standards, Kamala Harris could run for the Conservatives: Don Pittis

    Trump campaign branded Biden running mate an ally of 'radical left,' but her background tells different story

    Don Pittis · CBC News · Posted: Aug 13, 2020 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: August 13

    If Kamala Harris fails in her bid to become vice-president of the United States, maybe she could run for leader of Canada's Conservative Party.

    While the Trump campaign lost no time declaring her an ally of "the radical left" following her selection as running mate by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, by Canadian standards, that would be a stretch.

    Tugged by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Party may have moved to the left, but with such radical policies as more accessible health care and a slight amount of wealth distribution from the very rich to the poorest, middle-of-the-road party members like Harris could easily fit into the political spectrum of moderate conservatives in Canada or Europe.

    "She's very big into raising taxes," U.S. President Donald Trump said shortly after Biden announced Harris would be his running mate, beginning the process of framing the California senator as an enemy of business and the better-off.

    Headlines proclaiming her Blackness, her Asian-ness, her Canadian-ness, her female gender and status as a child of immigrants might seem to confirm Trump's portrayal of some sort of proletarian upstart, but the facts tell a different story.

    Not a story of coming up from underclass

    The hurdles for someone who is a woman and a person of colour fighting her way to the top of the heap should not be minimized. A glance at Twitter will leave you creeped out by sexual comments directed at Harris that male politicians never have to face. But Harris's economic perspective is by no means one of looking up from an underclass.

    Opponents from the U.S. right may see her as being fanaticized by the five years she spent in school in Montreal, inculcated by what — Westmount radicalism? Westmount, for those not familiar with it, is a traditional enclave of the Quebec Anglo elite where socialism — on rare occasions when it raises its head — is usually taken with Champagne. Harris graduated from Westmount High School in 1981.

    While indeed a child of immigrants, both of Harris's parents were scholars. Her late mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, who was born in India, was a cancer researcher and worked as a faculty member at Montreal's McGill University for 16 years. Her father, Donald Harris, born in Jamaica, is a retired economics professor who taught at Stanford University in California, with a long list of honours. He had also been an economics fellow at Cambridge University in England.

    Harris studied political science and economics at Howard University in Washington, D.C., heading up the economics club and the debating team at university before becoming a lawyer and prosecutor in California.

    For the Trump team trying to expand on the president's favourite anti-woman epithet "nasty" and his tired-sounding "phony" that he has rolled out so far, its challenge will be whether to castigate the potential VP to his more extreme supporters as a member of the establishment or as an usurping outsider. Watch for creative attempts to combine the two.

    VP doesn't need an economic policy

    As many have noted, Harris and her economic and political perspectives are getting considerably more attention than many previous vice-presidential candidates, who were arguably less qualified. No doubt it is partly due to the fact that Biden, at 77 years old, occasionally seems vulnerable to teetering off his perch.

    But unless or until that happens, Harris will not be announcing policy of her own. Despite that, she got a vote of confidence from Wall Street on Tuesday after Biden announced she would be his running mate.

    Under the U.S. system, the VP's job is to offer quiet support for the administration, only stepping forward if the president is incapacitated. The position, offering profile without culpability for presidential mistakes, is also a well-known stepping stone for those hoping to run for the top job.

    It means that for now, and unlike when she was running to be the Democrats' presidential nominee in her own right, Harris won't have to develop an economic policy — one that might offend people on the left or right of her own party. In the event the other job comes her way, her jumping-off point will be Biden's economic policy, which she will fine-tune as seems appropriate at that time.

    For all the talk of her being anti-business, if Harris could bring California levels of entrepreneurial success and well-being to the rest of the country, a certain amount of Californian-style environmentalism or Canadian-style socialism might be overlooked.

    For Canadians, most of whom have grown tired of Trump's disrespect for Canada, his wild accusations of unfair trade, his off-the-cuff comments that so often seem disconnected from the real world, Harris's race and gender will likely be of the least concern.

    Whether through her influence as vice-president if she wins in November or her potential, eventual role as president and commander-in-chief, for many of us, it will be a relief to have someone near the seat of power who not only seems to actually understand how economics works but also knows firsthand what Canada is and what it is not.

    If the Biden-Harris ticket is successful, many Canadians will be relieved to have someone near the seat of power in the U.S. who understand economics and has firsthand knowledge of Canada.

So, establishment neoliberal. Status quo.
By Rich
So it seems pretty clear that according to the Constitution, Kamala Harris is not eligible to become vice President. the key grammatical-clause is:
and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,

Nether of her parent guardians were subject to the jurisdiction of the United States at the time of her at birth, they were both citizens of other countries. Its funny but because Cultural Marxists have this need to create a pathetic fantasy world, they have to portray me as some sort of extreme right winger. I never supported the removal of British citizenship from Shamima Begum for example. Similarly I don't support the natural born citizen restriction, it discriminates against myself and Arnold Schwarzenegger for starters.
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By QatzelOk
Don Pittis wrote:...Westmount radicalism? Westmount, for those not familiar with it, is a traditional enclave of the Quebec Anglo elite where socialism — on rare occasions when it raises its head — is usually taken with Champagne. Harris graduated from Westmount High School in 1981.

Image(still from Le Temps des Bouffons)

Kamala Harris gradutated from Westmount High School, which is only a few km from my apartment.

Westmount is an independent city of about 30,000 rich people, completely surrounded by the city of Montreal. It was fused into Montreal for a few years, but then it voted to "secede" from the rest of the city in order to pay less taxes and not have to build social housing - which attracts "the wrong type" of ethnic minorities for Westmount's tastes.

It was created as an island of British privilege, and designed to keep poor people and their lifestyles out. And it has been remarkably successful at these things - in much the same way that Kamala Harris was successful in locking up a maximum number of black men.

Some of the most expensive houses in Westmount are built right up to the top of the mountain - though the mountain (thankfully) has been mostly preserved as a public park outside of this snotty little enclave of retrograde WASP twittishness.

I have taken many families on bike trips that go through Westmount, and stopped to use the washrooms in the middle of Westmount park (which is on a major bike path). On more than one occasion, the children have been yelled at by passing monolingual heiresses in their Golden Years - and these ladies have demonstrated zero social skills or tolerance for others. One of them even slipped in mud while bitching at two very young children who were having a hard time turning their bikes around.

I'm sure these crusty matriarchs would support Kamala Harris if she decided to give these young cyclists lethal injections.

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