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As I have said for 4 decades, America is on the wrong track. The problem is that Neo-liberal economics doesn't give a sh!t about any one except yourself. The Dems sold out the workers for the top 20%. The Repuds are in the pocket of the 1%.
. . The Woke movement was created by the sellout Dems to try to hold some of the workers from voting Repud based on other issues like abortion and guns. But, it alienates some voters who would vote for workers if the Dems didn't keep calling them evil. The Dems don't care about the workers just Black and brown people.
. . So, white workers have no party to vote for that will help them.

As I have said for 2 decades, if you want to get America back on the right track you need to join the Progressive Party. The only way to do that is to get out into the street and demonstrate. There you meet other like minded people and network with them. then work to take back the Dems or convert the green Party into the Progressive Party.
. . This election you get Trump out and Biden in. You get as many progressives in Congress as you can. Then you organize and fight for 2 years to take back the Dems or convert the green Party into the Progressive Party. If there is a miracle, then Pres. Biden might join you if you get control of the House and Senate. Failing that you fight for 2 more years and take control of the US Gov. in 2024. If you fail, then it is too late and ACC aka AGW will ruin your life. And likely kill you.

In this short video from the Hill Krystal and Saager show you exactly how the US Gov. cares about the bottom 60% (not at all) and only cares about the top 20%.

the thing s that the top 20% will win if they can keep the rest of the voters from uniting behind one program. This means that everyone must compromise with those who will really join the Progressive Party.
. . This means ---
1] Affirm equal rights for Blacks and brown people.
2] Pull down the Confederate statues, but not the slave holding Founding Fathers' statues.
3] Economic justice for the workers.
4] Breaking up the new "Trusts" and going back to union rights.
5] OTOH, demand policies that let Capital (the rich) get 10% (not 100%) of corp. profit increases from investments that increase "productivity" AND let the workers get 90% (not 0%, like it has been for 40 years).
6] Get Modern Monetary Theory adopted by Congress so that deficit spending can be used for fighting ACC 1st and foremost, then 2nd for the mass of the people, and stop using deficit spending to serve the rich and super rich.
. . . Don't worry about the US national debt. In 20 years ACC will make it not matter anyway. Only a WWII level of spending has any chance now of saving us.
7] During the covid-19 crisis demand a UBI. Later MMT wants to substitute a US funded and locally run program to hire every person who can't find a job. They would get paid a socially inclusive wage. I terms you understand last Dec. before the crisis, the wage would be about $20/hr. This would bring money into every part of America to let small business people make more profit even though they need to pay their workers more. {There would need to be a backup program run by the US Gov. for those areas where the locals can't treat every person equally. Like I said, racial equality.}
8] I would even consider reparations to Blacks for Jim Crow, but not for the much older but also much greater evil of slavery. Maybe, a UBI just for them of $125/week, even children of any age. It would last for many years, maybe 20 at least. This works out to $130,000 over those 20 years.

Remember this all comes from deficit spending, not from taxes on the workers. Maybe taxes on the very rich and the super rich (the top 1%). But certainly not on those who have incomes in the 80% to 99% range. They are not the problem. We must not drive them away.

If you can't compromise, then you *will* fail. If you fail we all die.
Grok your options and act accordingly.
One of the problems of complex adaptive systems is ossification, characterized by inability to respond and adapt to external challenges in a timely and effective manner. In a hierarchically structured system ossification usually occurs when feedback from lower levels is suppressed or eliminated. Thus the desire of elites to consolidate control and eliminate opposition ends up damaging the ability of the system to respond to crises. In a sense, elites morph from symbiotes into parasites.

The reason I mention this is that western liberal democracies are suffering from acute ossification. Observe the increasing suppression of dissent, roadblocks in the way of voting, and corruption that preys on the most vulnerable. At this point, ossification has become so severe that ordinary electoral means are no longer capable of impacting the system in any meaningful way.

Does this seem like an exaggeration? Consider that in the middle of a depression/pandemic we are allowing millions to become unemployed, evicted, and homeless with no plan of action.

It's by no means certain this death spiral can be halted, but the only plausible alternative remaining is a sharp shock to the system (ECT therapy), in the from of mass protest/general strike.
quetzalcoatl wrote:It's by no means certain this death spiral can be halted, but the only plausible alternative remaining is a sharp shock to the system (ECT therapy), in the from of mass protest/general strike.

Yes, I agree; that is why I said above that the Americans who are Progressive must meet in the streets to show their strength, to meet each other, and to get organized.

Someone made a comment that I saw to the above "The Hill" video that said, We need some people to volunteer and to be willing to die.**

I sort of think a general strike is going to be less useful when 40% of workers are unemployed. Or in the UK 40% are being paid to sit at home.

That just leaves 'disruptive' but non-violent protests.

.** . One historical example, is the 1st Minn. Volunteer Inf. Reg. at Gettysburg. On the 2nd day, the Confed. were attacking at the Peach Orchid and the Wheatfield. They had broken through and were surging forward to break the main Union line. Gen. Hancock only had the 1st Minn. handy and need to delay the Confed. for 5 min. while many other Union Reg. were rushing to plug the hole. The 1st Minn. moved forward and attacked 10 times their numbers. They suffered over 70% casualties, but their sacrifice slowed the Confed. just enough to save the battle.
Listen you Woke people. I hate to say this, but you are being played.
Who do you think thought that wokeness was going to be a great idea?
I think it was "sell out Dems" who needed a reason for you to vote for them when they knew they were never going to help you economically (which they have not for at least 30 years). At least if you are in the bottom 70% of earners. Dems today only listen to the top 20% of earners. This is why on many important issues, when polls say 60% to 85% of the American voters want a policy action, it still never happens.

The Repubs, or as I call them the Repuds, are much worse. They only listen to the top 1% of earners. So, in this election, hold your nose and vote Dem.

So, yes, racial equality is the Progressive goal. However, this should not require you make enemies out of people because they have not changed fast enough (people who had or have no power to influence events). And even worse, people who have changed, but thought bad thoughts some years ago. If you can't forgive them for their past actions then they will not help the Progressives get their economic goals (to help YOU attain your economic goals).

IMO, it is perfectly clear that the economic goals are more important than punishing people for what they thought or did 20 years ago.

IMO, you are being played. They are dividing you from potential allies, and so far it's working great for them. You must know in your heart that America has just one Political Party, the Neo-liberal Capitalist Party. It has 2 wings that fight for your vote on election day to distract you from the truth, that the Neo-liberal Capitalist Party doesn't give a sh!t about the current (& past) suffering of the bottom 70% of earners. As long as they can keep the working class divided they can keep ignoring them (us). As long as they ignore us, we will keep suffering. Only by uniting in the streets and then voting in every election (after this one) for Progressives will our suffering be ended by Gov. action. The Gov. can and has so-called deficit spent over $5T in the last 2 bailouts to give to the top 1% of earners. So, the money can be so-called deficit spent. We need to make them so-called deficit spend some $trillions on us.

I have told you how to do it. It is up to you to do it.
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