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Treasury Sanctions Individuals for Undermining Hong Kong’s Autonomy

The list includes both Hong Kong current and ex chief officials (mainly security and law related), as well as Mainland officials assigned to enforce the new law.

From what I hear, sanctions involving OFAC means even doing foreign exchange or opening accounts for these people and / or their associates violate American law and can cause the said financial firm to face the same sanctions. Can any American posters verify this?
Beren wrote:I wonder if Taiwanese people will mind returning to China so much as Hongkongers do, they don't consider themselves half-British at least. :lol:

There are plenty of people in Taiwan who don't trust the CCP government, and thus don't currently support reunification.
skinster wrote:

Since that source has been praised by the Global Times, and is affiliated with actual communists, I'm inclined to think that the GZ is just anti-western propaganda.

The more I read about it, the less I trust it. I don't think that's really the same voice as they've claimed.
Rancid wrote:Most Taiwanese do not trust the CCP.

My wife's friend is Taiwanese, she was telling us how the media in Taiwan is super anti-CCP. She also echoed that the people themselves are very anti-CCP too.

So anti-CCP that 4 million make the weekend commute to the mainland for weekly work? So distrustful that the mainland is their #1 investment destination, import and export market, etc. Mhhhmmmmm...

Like with most western propaganda and its amplification across the usual channels, something does not line up.
4 million out of 23.78 million Taiwanese does not prove a pro-CCP silent majority. Neither does trade, as the west also trades with mainland China to a rediculous extent. Nothing you've wrote (assuming it's true) outs everything against the CCP as propaganda.
Rancid wrote:Most Taiwanese do not trust the CCP.

My wife's friend is Taiwanese, she was telling us how the media in Taiwan is super anti-CCP. She also echoed that the people themselves are very anti-CCP too.

Taiwanese are in general divided into two major groups.

One is anti-CCP but loves China (KMD)

One is both anti-CCP and anti-China (DPP)

Now that some Chinese people seem to be more vocal in being genuinely proud (?) of their regime, the latter group seems growing in both Taiwan and Hong Kong.
skinster wrote:

Taiwan had not been a part of China until relatively recently (its time in China was much shorter than Vietnam, who had been under Chinese rule for a good thousand years!).

"KMT fled there after revolution" -- more like invasion by Soviet Union (although Mao and his successors eventually turned on the Soviets themselves and arguably facilitated the Soviets' downfall).

It is true that Taiwan had deep connections to China because it's a safe haven for multiple Chinese government in exile, but with most of the people no longer connected to Mainland China emotionally, and with the Strait there and Taiwan itself having a good standing military, they have enough intention, ability and justification to declare independence and denounce the above "Taiwan is part of China" shit, something not necessarily tenable for other anti-CCP Chinese region (like Hong Kong).

skinster wrote:

This is actually the best business model because it gives the necessary protection. The firearm dealers deserve the profit. Bite me.

My only concern is that the weapons should have been used directly on those who deserve it.

While saying "the motherfucker posting the above tweet deserves being struck by the weapons" is kind of a stretch, he does sound like he wants to take a strike himself.
skinster wrote:Taiwan and Hong Kong are parts of China. Good day. :)

No place belongs to any regime forever. The place belongs to whoever loves the place and its well being.

When China stops caring the wellbeing of Taiwanese and Hongkongers it stops to deserve owning both places. At this point, whoever advocating for its continued occupation -- like you -- no longer deserve respect.
Taiwan Deports Hongkonger over Snooping Charges

Taiwan authorities have evicted a Hongkonger and banned him from visiting for a period of time, after he participated in the tailing and photographing of Hong Kong teen activist Tony Chung during his visit to the island last year.

Immigration authorities said Lee Pun-ho violated his terms of stay, and hired local private detectives to tail the ex-convenor of pro-independence group Studentlocalism.

They said he then provided the photos to pro-Beijing newspapers in Hong Kong.

Lee was working in Taiwan but but his residence permit was revoked by the Immigration Department in April this year because his employer terminated his job.

But he was barred from leaving the island as the case was ongoing. Now the authorities have asked the immigration officials to lift the ban and deport him back.

The Taiwanese immigration agency statement didn't specify how long the ban would last.

Authorities said: People in Taiwan enjoy freedom from fear, and democratic societies would not agree with illegal means taken by some media to collect information from the island to harm human rights. ... 201025.htm

Good job for expelling this shame of Hong Kong!
I have no respect for Chinese aligned propagandists. I don't care what people say, there is no silent pro-CCP majority. I do find it funny that some socialists defend the CCP, which is a capitalist party in all but name. Shilling for corrupt authoritarian regimes doesn't automatically become noble just because they're anti-American.
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