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For this reason, I still think professionals should align themselves with the working class. They are still expendable. Professions like me, still go through layoffs (I've been through tons of lay off cycles over the last 10 years), the company's we work for do not care about us. They will drop us in a minute.

I agree with this on two levels. Clearly what you said.

Also we hold knowledge that is not common. Once our voice is co opted this hard won knowledge and even wisdom is gone forever.
Finfinder wrote:I don’t really Care about communism we’re not communist country.

When you're falsely accusing someone of having certain political positions, you should care about being accurate because instead it makes you look like you don't know what you're talking about.

Well technically you’re correct however the House of Representatives is often referred to as Congress.

Right, but Congress is the House and the Senate.

Unemployment “insurance“ what are you talking about.. You are all over the place.

I have a feeling that you don't know much about how unemployed workers get payments when they're out of work.

Here in Florida there’s many different options funded by federal state and local dollars for food mortgage and utility relief. Mortgage payments have been suspended and utility payments have been suspended..

You injected Bernie Sanders you tell me .

Yes those are some components that help, but not sufficient to live on for workers who don't have large amounts of savings (which is a large number of workers)
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