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Provision of the two UN HDI indicators other than GNP.
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Covid-19 hit the Miami Marlins just after the start of this season but there have been no new cases for the last 40 days. A couple of Japanese professional baseball teams also reported Covid-19 clusters. Teams sports are vulnerable to infectious diseases because they travel and dine together as teammates. Covid-19 transmission may have occurred in a variety of ways including during team play, during the use of locker rooms, during carpooling with members outside a player’s household, eating together among teammates, parents, coaches and other children, team staff members who are involved in more than one team and individuals not wearing masks.

(CNN)The remainder of the shortened 2020 Major League Baseball season saw itself further imperiled Tuesday after a coronavirus outbreak on the Miami Marlins prompted the league to postpone the team's games through Sunday.

The halt to the Marlins' season less than a week after it opened follows reports by ESPN and The Athletic that four more of its players have tested positive.

"Given the current circumstances, MLB believes that it is most prudent to allow the Marlins time to focus on providing care for their players and planning their Baseball Operations for a resumption early next week," MLB said in a statement.

Miami's next six games, including Tuesday night at home against the Baltimore Orioles, have been postponed, according to MLB. ... index.html
Not by people playing the sport on the field. What Rock do you live under one that was sides with fear. Maybe you should think about stuff before you actually post it and attempt to about the topic and not focus on the personal attacks..

Give me the list of players who tested positive after playing the game. Maybe a task easier for you give me a list of how many people had false positive test.
Finfinder wrote:Why is it that every team sport (from college to professional ) has been successful and no one to my knowledge in any league has contracted Corona Virus from playing a team sport. How is that possible when they don't wear masks?

    Hopes that sport in the United States might soon return to business as usual suffered a blow on Friday as athletes from golf to hockey tested positive for the novel coronavirus, triggering a shutdown of some facilities.

    The PGA Tour, which only restarted last week after a three-month COVID-19-forced hiatus, confirmed its first positive test, removing Nick Watney from second-round play at the RBC Heritage in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

    Over a 24-hour period, Major League Soccer (MLS), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) confirmed positive tests, and those sports pondered return-to-play scenarios. Leagues are doing extensive testing for coronavirus even among players not showing symptoms.

    This followed leading U.S. health official Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday casting doubt on whether the NFL would get on the field this season.

    The MLS and NBA were paying particularly close attention to Friday’s events as many of the positive tests occurred in Florida where both leagues have announced plans to restart their seasons at Orlando’s Walt Disney World.

    Florida is one of several U.S. states where COVID-19 cases have recently surged.

    The MLS is scheduled to return on July 8 with a World Cup-style tournament featuring all 26 teams. The league, which has said that the health and safety of players and staff were the priority, did not immediately respond to questions about whether the spike in Florida cases would prompt a rethink of those plans.

    Inter Miami said on Thursday that one of their players had tested positive for the virus.

    MLB’s Philadelphia Phillies shut down their Clearwater, Florida, site after five players tested positive while just down the road in Dunedin, the Toronto Blue Jays shuttered training facilities after a player presented symptoms.

    The San Francisco Giants closed their spring training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona after a visitor and one family member exhibited symptoms. The Giants said they had tested others who have been at the facility and are awaiting results.

    Los Angeles Angels general manager Billy Eppler said two players had tested positive for COVID-19, but did not disclose if they were on the major league roster, citing medical privacy law, the LA Times reported.

    In Tampa, the NHL Lightning closed their arena after three players tested positive.

    The NHL on Friday said that since June 8, when teams were permitted to open their training facilities, over 200 players have undergone multiple tests and 11 have tested positive.

    All of the players who tested positive have been self-isolating, the league said.

    Even the UFC, who were one of the first sports to resume operations when they staged a mixed martial arts card in Jacksonville, Florida on May 9, are considering another shutdown in wake of the spike.

    “I told you guys going into this thing, I’m always thinking about what’s next,” said UFC President Dana White in a report by MMA Junkie. “And I’m planning for a second shutdown, that it will happen again.

    “I’m always thinking about the worst.” ... rts-cases/

It is incorrect to say that every team sport (from college to professional ) has been successful and no one in any league has contracted Corona Virus from playing a team sport.
Finfinder when you look at our fat, stupid president does your mind just automatically project super buff muscles and a huge dick bulge onto his pants? I'm just trying to understand why reactionaries find the weakest, bitchiest, most aggrieved men they can find and then worship them as gods.

You saw it here. @Sivad gave me his word, and did not deliver on it.

He just debased himself on pofo, in this thread, for all to see. From now on, you all know he's a Squirrelly little bitch with no honor.

I'm being serious Sivad, I did have respect for you, but now I see I was mistaken. I'm sure you are a disappointment to your family.
We've already had mask mandates in many cities for months now. Every day they say that the cases are going up, despite the mandates. This popular television personality, who is on television several hours a day every day, says that we have to were a mask until 2022.

All he does is go on television and promote vaccines while disparaging any other health advice from a dissenting medical professional or scientist.
@maz Mask mandates don't work when they have fools like you who ignore them, and tell others to do the same. :knife:

Godstud wrote:@maz Mask mandates don't work when they have fools like you who ignore them, and tell others to do the same. :knife:

How do you know people like me are igoring them? I'm not telling anyone not to wear them.
:lol: No, you are merely railing against the mandate to wear them, that's all. :knife:

All in the name of dumbass American Freedumb!!
Godstud wrote:True, @Random American, but it's the same stupid mentality.

No, it's a conspiracy!

Spoiler: show

Ok, in all seriousness, I agree with you 100%. Though, it's even more cringe worthy when I hear that mixed with QAnon crap or other conspiracy theories. Some people just shouldn't breed I guess, just like anti-Vaxxers.
Rancid wrote:They are bad if you do not want the government imposing restrictions on your day to day life. This could change the mostly individualistic culture we have, and turn us into rule follower collectivists drones.


Mask mandates are good if you want to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Wearing masks isn't a big deal and it protects the vulnerable so mask mandates are perfectly reasonable.


If you're ever interested in having an actual discussion let me know.
The real argument against mask mandates is that the evidence for masks significantly reducing transmission is weak, there's evidence that masks may even increase the spread of the virus, and that masks have serious side-effects like causing bacterial infections from inhaling microbes that get caught in the fabric. There's also the very legitimate concern that these kinds of mandates set dangerous precedents that will later be used as justification for imposing much more draconian public health interventions. People are also refusing to wear masks because they view wearing masks as a tacit endorsement of all the hype, disinformation and fearmongering coming out of the public health establishment and media to sell the public on lockdowns, mass surveillance and tracking, forced vaccination, and other Orwellian policies of the biosecurity-industrial-complex.
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