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ColoradoGram wrote:The truth is that it is not the vaccine itself that is the problem it is the number of vaccines given at once.
It's anti-vaxxers trying to move the goalposts, since it's a blatant lie based on ZERO scientific evidence.

Scientific data show that getting several vaccines at the same time does not cause any chronic health problems. A number of studies have been done to look at the effects of giving various combinations of vaccines, and when every new vaccine is licensed, it has been tested along with the vaccines already recommended for a particular aged child. The recommended vaccines have been shown to be as effective in combination as they are individually. Sometimes, certain combinations of vaccines given together can cause fever, and occasionally febrile seizures; these are temporary and do not cause any lasting damage. Based on this information, both the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend getting all routine childhood vaccines on time.
https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/conce ... unity.html

ColoradoGram wrote:They get their vaccines but in a much more regimented manner.
At least you're getting them vaccinated. Your fears are invalid, however.
Dagoth Ur wrote:That our society still considers children the property of their biological parents simply because they slammed genitals is one of those things that future people are gonna be really indignant about. Your child legally can be used as total slave labor with absolutely zero payment, they can be assualted at a whim (to a certain extent, you cannot maim them* or kill them for the past like 60 years. In. The. Advanced. West) without any provocation, teach them whatever the fuck you feel like, their mind is your's to mold according to your average parent in my experience.

The local community must be compelled to be involved in the lives of all its children, to stop these autocratic abuses. I am not proposing that we seperate a child and their parents, I am suggesting that parents need to stop being taught they have autonomy over these tiny humans.

* what constitutes (or doesn't) being "maimed" is a social considerstion.

If apparent considers their 'control' over their sires to be sacrosanct(it is NOT),then, when a related 'problem' arises from a decision not to vaccinate, to whom will they expect the cost of remedying the effects of such 'problems', themselves, or other taxpayers?
That is not even considering the possible lifelong effects on those they sired, it appears that there is a cost to this 'ownership' - 'control' of another independent body, the cost of this little dictatorship most surely has not been considered.

Some folks are so far up their own rectums, it makes one wonder how they get through life without a brain.
The truth is that it is not the vaccine itself that is the problem it is the number of vaccines given at once. Now there are so many vaccines to give your kids they have to give them all at once. My children are on the alternative schedule and this works well for me . They get their vaccines but in a much more regimented manner.

The truth is there is no problem. But if you want to imagine there is one in the absence of a shred of evidence then go ahead and play in your head. In the meantime I am glad you children are getting their vaccines and hope your "alternative schedule" is effective. You are, after all, betting their lives that it is.
Why do people believe in these conspiracy theories?

Like the one about Thalidomide being unsafe for pregnant women. How dare people question the authority of the medical corporations, the medical experts and the government regulatory bodies? They had all said that Thalidomide was safe.
Godstud wrote:Thalidomide was never in a vaccine. Nice Strawman. :roll:

No, but it was also "100% safe" at one point, (according to science!) and you would have been promoting it as a 'mandatory treatment' when it was.

My younger sister was born with health problems because of a "100% safe treatment" that my mother received, and my youngest sister almost died of infection because of "100% safe" procedures.

The latest technology is always "100% safe" and if you don't wake up and realize this, you will be drinking thalidomide mixed with Flint water.

In Obama's own words, " it just confirms what we know... scientifically." :lol:
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