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By Odiseizam
how this thread has started and how is evolving its almost bizarre, Politics_Observer started on wrong foot for sure, yet now things are rolling like who is guilty, and guilty ofcourse for me is usA who seen opportunity to make from nato global policeman i.e. to justify own nato existance [1] this was to large extent one of the cruial nuseffects of the ex-Yu wars, although it was deep-state operation that was pushed on different levels for different gains as noted in my previous posts in the thread, another eg. balkan nato check-point place for future wars with and in east etc. etc. ...

... in the end eventually what happened is that balkans became experimental ground for different kind of needs for the west, among them also place suitable for modern mass-propaganda, indeed it started with the ex-Yu wars when it was easier this to be done in times of media scarcity locally or media blackout globally, something that bit later didnt went so smooth in case of the propaganda war around Kosovo, but again all western cards were thrown to recheck its own system and the servitude of its member states to the cause of modern western imperialism which is upgrade to the original enlightenment one, it was "and is" agenda that with ex-Yu wars opened large room for the usA war economy!

serbs indeed went little fuzzy in the head, but it wasnt primary their fault
they were played and misused so in good extent they are victims
and what makes them special is that they are the only nation in europe that defied western gravity!!!



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By Odiseizam
but above all it was yeltsins who sealed the end game

https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/ ... 6cb495880/

above links are good notion how ex-Yu war was managed on propaganda level that even nowadays its used in such manner, probably so it would hold serbs guilty until they decide to join nato, after what think that thing can get little more factual and it would be revealed the truth about Srebrenica, which as I am aware is own bosnia sacrifice so nato can intervene, for this allegedly there is muslim mayor from Bosna who witnessed and stated how the bosnian muslim leader alija izetbegovic admit in front of his colleagues that this was asked as sacrifice-trap by west, so indeed serbs were lurked and staged to act ... as war it was definitively planned the question is how long [1] and what is more provoking is how back then Joe Biden even before Srebrenica massacre happened has known that it would happen [1] so definitely it was staged to big extent, serbs just needed to be plaid and they were played!

https://sr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Град_који ... _жртвовати

horribly alija if so, but probably he was not asked by clinton, but for sure by cia's neocon , hm american president cant get the blame right!? at least how was their communication back then utmost suggest this was an unbelievable precedent of cia white'house communication [1][1] also in time when was in place forming of new training camp for european mujahedins [1][1] another cia gain in face of ex-Yu wars, nonetheless used even in 9/11 real montage i.e. after cold war ended cia invented new controlled enemy easily, but imagine the bosnian serb army how reacted to this, they were confronted not just with mujahedins but also their support by arab world cia and pentagon with weapons thus after many atrocities against bosnian serbs [1] every bosnian muslim soldier was market as target [2] little by little this was staged by pentagon cia and nato on different levels, it was psy-op with unlimited war game traps and scenarios that from day to day were rolling out, even they bribed yeltsin so he would not give russian suport to serbs, it was maybe after Syria most perfidious death game among all [1][1] that usA have waged as modern western imperialism after ww2!

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2002/apr/22/warcrimes.comment [1]


the question is will we see the same skim again here in balkans!?
is now more potent time for bloodbath because different gains!?
how nowadays media abundance could spark unlimited hatrate as never before!?
but for sure again balkanians will be played if they dont get sober from the otan delirium!
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By Sandzak

Why do you not mention the christian orthodox crusaders who came from Russia and Greece. The Greeks took also part in Srebrenica massacre.

Bosnia got the right to prosecute all war criminals, for 15 Years. All who commited crimes against humanity got prosecuted, even a Bosnian General who did not punish the mujahedin, who were send by Arab states and CIA for training (they were 2-3 %)

No Army in the last 50 Years, followed laws of Geneva Convention like Armija BiH.

The Bosnian Army consisted by 30% from Christians.

The Serbs demanded as loyality test, to Serbs married to muslim or catholic women, to kill them with a knife... Karadzic was a psychatrist who knew how to manipulate people.
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By Odiseizam
in my post I am not arguing that serbs didnt done atrocities, but how cia spinned everything to what they responded naively believing they will be backed by yeltsins-russia, I am making claim about the propaganda war and the fueled weapons with second goal agenda i.e. not to make from Bosna independent state but cripple state, and not just from Bosna but Yugoslavia and later Serbia too! their geostrategy is - just weak state is controllable state, in balkans this applies to all, and as such when and how is needed they (euroatlantic determinists) can use that vacuum! when say ea-determinists I am referring to the shadowy elites of the west which see everything just like resource at least this is my impression when have heard an sincere quote of one of their megaphones [1][1]

    your post answers all, it was one of the dirtiest wars that was organized instigated and stretched by usA, the deyton truce is such so it could be broken again , its multiculti tragedy that although was less bloodier than in the previous balkan wars it was waking of the old balkan ghosts that after ww2 many thought were put to final sleep, many were sure that no one can push again such "love for hell" vibe, just wonder was this due to turbo-folk or death-metal scene, probably how the war started we can blame both [1]

it must be admitted that this was not new war schema, balkan already 'in before and after ww1 and ww2 was tailored in such way so later it would suit for particular fire purpose i.e. the eauroatlantean determinists arranged every balkan state to have such boundaries so it would include large amount of neighboring state etnicity, and maybe only exception after ww1 was Greece because suited other purposes, tho that exception was managed by the greeks quietly with deportation agreements earlier with Bulgaria Turkey [1] and later with Yugoslavia after the greek civil war, but again when it started to behave little selfconscious it was punished with divided Cyprus, tho I wonder was this not some kind of gift for Turkey coz its servitude to usA, maybe new piles of missiles were at stake around black sea!?

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