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Rancid wrote:Cultural attitudes towards shit is constantly changing. Adjustments can be made.

Adjustment can mean "Trump was actually right". Biden administration will never go for this. Voters will decide if this executive order was right or wrong.

Biden already tried to confess nothing he can do against coronavirus. But he can't do that for the same reason as I told you. Liberal media bashed Trump's handling of coronavirus for months. Now they can't admit they were wrong for doing that to Trump.
Rancid wrote:I feel like we are confounding stuff here. Are we talking about Trans rights, or how sports are divided by groups in order to try and maintain a somewhat level playing field.

I'd say both, but honestly as I said I'm fine with this.

Either it's possible to level the playing field through controlling testosterone and other serum hormonal levels (although I wonder if this would only be applied for trans athletes or if biological females would also face these, if so, what would happen in the unusual/freak cases of biological women who have naturally high testosterone levels for their SRY gene-lacking sex? Would they be forced to compete with males?), in which case it doesn't matter; or it isn't and the undesirability of the irrationality behind how the current strand of identity politics is carried out becomes evident, one small step at a time.

SpecialOlympian wrote:Using the latter to attack the former.

Ah ok, which is no surprise judging by the OP.

wat0n wrote:I'd say both, but honestly as I said I'm fine with this.

I'm fine with it too, but it's also important to not "hard couple" these two topics. They are related, but not strongly related in my book. You can support Trans rights and advocate for fairness in sports. The OP is making it an "all or nothing" proposition (and choosing nothing).

Anyway, on the fairness in sports side of things. This is where I think it will work itself out eventually. If trans women do have an advantage (let's just assume that is true), it will show itself out in sports (I believe there are cases where this has been shown already, but that's besides the point). I'm sure sports governing bodies will adjust, since this would present an unfair advantage to biological women.

As I said, adjustments will likely come, if the above is true. This is separate from rights, which I think... hopefully... most of us support.
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