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are iranian QUDS-1 really so sophisticated so they would trick the Patriot [1] is this solely iranian technology or in question is chinese intervention [1] my logic is derived from due to the need of China for marine cheek point in red sea [2] tho I am surprised by the chinese-yemeni cheer [3]


havent seen this
:D cheek points ... good good typo, but it gets close to the fact that I could check whether the humanitarian crisis in Yemen will finally end!

    is there end to this? day after Biden removed houthies from the terrorist list [1] they strike saudis again [1] maybe this is just red flag ... and now what [1]

probably most know why Yemen is important to Iran i.e. its strategic point in asymetric defense deterrence scheme from where easily can target the saudi aramco and like that throw whole world oil market on knees, so Iran has leverage and will not back off anytime soon ...

what is more idiotic houtie have saudi weapons too, not just the earlier captured from the yemeni forces [1] tho the main bulk comes from Iran ... so any potential halt to the war should go through Iran maybe with Bidens good will to revoke the Trumps sanctions, but israelis what with them ... anyway idea that even from start will be seen as mistake in the west, as is seen also by some even the last washington move to "deterrorize" the houties [1]

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