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I've throwed thread for potential us-stagflation

but we need one for the other world economies ... I'll speculate that us'banc'corp elites have plan how to survive if this is their intentional skim [1][2] for any predetermined reset [2] but how will reflect this postcovid reality to the world economy, is it plausible that we will see bubble'fireworks soon!? tho not so soon, first we should see stagflation, except if someone intentionally dont trigger chaos [3][3]

Odiseizam wrote:
what is optimistic is that imf is on its path to CBDC so heads up [1][1]

imf digital clearing ~ the only source for liquidity of the central banks i.e. "the survival western plan" [2]

So either Up or dowN [3] anyway after follows "UN" nwo
so distributive ledger i.e. blockchain cryptocurrencies are the path ahead globalization [4]
the problem is whether this was intentionally blown as covid19 crisis!?
japanese alike bubble spinn for western crypto win [5]

risk from unrests

but also risks of panic due to mutations

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