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Robert Urbanek wrote:
I would worry more about an invasion from a parallel universe where our people are being replaced by their people and no one here can readily tell the difference.

Then let me put your mind at ease.

I doubt there are parallel universes to begin with, but travel between them would be impossible.

Then there is the random factor, while some things would be highly probable to evolve in the same way (eyes, biped, etc) there should be plenty of differences.
MrWonderful wrote:What a joke. We are alone.
Star Trek is pure fiction and so is all this talk about E.T.

Millions of species extant on this one planet alone, conclusive proof of inexplicable organic byproducts in the atmosphere of Venus, signs of microbes on extraterrestrial rocks hurtling through space, 2,600+ discovered exoplanets in under a decade, 7 exhibiting better conditions for life than earth-verdant super earths in Goldilocks zones around ideal red dwarfs not tidally locked. Billions of exoplanets in our galaxy alone. Trillions in the universe.

"We are alone"

Will need you to qualify that hefty claim with some reasoning other than 'what a joke'. Sounds to me like you're confusing the puddle for the ocean.
I would speculate based on the process of colonialism in its preconditions and development.
Which at least expresses contact with an unknown kther and the development of a concept of another based on its relationship to a social subject.
What confront each other in the master/slave dialectic are two corporate subjects (families, companies, clans, polois or nations) not two individuals. The master/slave dialectic demonstrates how modern, secular society emerged from traditional communities, not by means of a peaceful agreement but rather through conquest and subsumption of one by the other. When two sovereign subjects confront one another in the absence of effective overarching legal institutions, then conquest and the subsumption of one subject by the other is the only alternative to mutual destruction or withdrawal into mutual indifference. Even the establishment of trade relations presupposes certain mutual recognition, which historically follows from the failure of attempts at conquest or from the expectation of such failure.

Although this migjt be altered by a specific difference of an alien species so different so not as to be in part with “other” humans. To which it might have parallels with understanding animals with their unique languages and thus warrants a nee take on ethology perhaps.

I would suspect it would go more the way of enders game in at least a war based in misunderstanding and fear. Assuming confrontation with intelligent aliens on a scale of civilization to ourselves or more.
If aliens did come here, at some point in the future, we will be powerless to stop them.

From orbit, all you have to do is throw a few rocks, and we are history. If they have the technology to transform a planet, that would also wipe us out. I would like to have said terraform, but noticed the irony that the aliens would be de-terraforming...


While there are certainly other intelligent races in the Universe, the distances would be prohibitive even if you had a warp drive.

To get around this in Star Trek, warp speed doubled each time. So they spent much of their time at a few hundred times the speed of light. That would still limit you to our galactic neighborhood, unless you want to make an entire career out of a single trip.
That would still limit you to our galactic neighborhood, unless you want to make an entire career out of a single trip.

Unless they live to be 10,000 earth years old. Or older. And maybe they don't do "home". Home may be ones mechanism of travel. We are pretty unique in the animal kingdom in that we almost inevitably come back to our parent's basement even after achieving mating age. And we almost never mate in our parent's basement inless you count our strange puberty ritual of learning how to use the mouse with the other hand.
late wrote:That would still limit you to our galactic neighborhood unless you want to make an entire career out of a single trip.

No, it would not. There's no speed limit on the expansion and contraction of space.
Life is a mystery, so are domains, kingdoms and phyla. I'm deeply sceptical of Darwin's and neo-Darwinists claim to understand the Origin of Species, although I'm very happy to grant him the origin of sickle-cell. When we start speculating about alien civilisations, we are really not in the realm of science any longer. if we find life in the Solar system, that has clearly not come from Earth then, we can rethink, but at the moment to start form the default that we are the centre of consciousness in the universe doesn't seem an unreasonable starting point to me.
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