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Crantag wrote:I haven't shoplifted in years, but I've stole food before, especially when I was a teenager and didn't have money, because I spent it all on weed.

One time, I was in Tokyo. I saw a guy stealing booze from a convenience store. I saw the same guy a couple days later get apprehended by the store folk, he was full on in business suit.

I made it a challenge to steal from that store, it was sorta stupid and immature, but it happened.

I palmed two whiskey bottles, and slipped one into my business suit, and walked up and paid for the other one.

I'd be lying if I said I never shoplifted, or never carried a knife, or never shoplifted while carrying a knife.

To my credit though, I do not ride a wheelchair.

You ever shoplift, @ckaihatsu?

What rank are you in antifa?
Crantag wrote:
Sorry bro, you brought up dates and times, I made up a date and time, and a random location, just taking the piss.

No, I am not a cop.

I am a Marxist farm laborer.

Didn't mean you to take anything seriously that I said.

No prob, and I was just away from the keyboard for a bit there.

I'm familiar with FLOC.
Crantag wrote:Fuck you on about, @Unthinking Majority. Antifa is a concept not an organization.

It stands for Anti-fascism.

I've observed a couple protests, but I'm not much of an activist, let alone organizer.

I do sometimes get in bar fights. Or, have. Been a bit. Maybe I should go have another fight.

Didn't you get arrested for "anarchy" during the George Floyd mumbo-jumbo?
Rancid wrote:I suggest you avoid bar fights man. People die all the time in bar fights.

I agree.

The truth is the truth, though.

When I lived in China, I got in more fights than anywhere I've ever been.

Once in China, I was walking to my girlfriend's bar, and I heard a ruckus, and I hid behind a post, and I got to watch a guy get hit in the head with a baseball bat.

One time, I was in a girlie bar (sorry for the R-rated convo, girls), and this girl dragged me to the bathroom and I did the deed. Later on one of her Johns showed up, and I was there with my arm around her, and he got pissed, and called me out.

I went to the middle of the street, drunk as shit, and I probably tried to throw a punch, and he tackled me, but I rolled him over, and got him in a hold, and I gave him some punches, and then I stood up and walked off. All the girls were standing on the sidewalk watching. The guy disappeared, he must have ran away, and they called a taxi and forced me to go inside.

Another time, this German guy was talking to this American guy. He was saying a bunch of racist shit, not just against blacks, but against everyone. I cut in and told him, "if I hear you say one more racist thing, I'm going to break your glasses."

He went on to say more racist shit.

I threw him out of his chair and was manhandling him, and on my way to smashing his glasses on the sidewalk. But then the black dude stepped in, ripped me off, and then I had to do a round of wrestling with him.

Next time I saw the German guy, he acted really nice, and bought me shots of whiskey.

He then invited me outside for a cigarette, and proceeded to beat the shit out of me, and left me knocked out and bleeding on the sidewalk.

The next fight I got into in China was stupid and I pulled a dick move, but I was drinking outside at the same bar. They had an outdoor bar. There was this German guy, and I was trying to talk to him and be cool with him, and he was just snubbing me, and I felt annoyed.

I got drunk to the point I came up and turned the bar over on him and attacked him.

He was like twice my size, and he kicked my ass, and I deserved it.

But your statement is accurate, bar fighting isn't that good.
It was a strange experience, that, waking up after being knocked out on the sidewalk.

I don't really remember it, but I stumbled to a neighboring bar, and had a female bartender who I knew drive my home.

I was a bloody mess, with a ripped shirt and shit.

Luckily I didn't die that night.

Yeah, shit happens. I probably did have a concussion.
One more stupid story. I was in Tokyo. This dude I was chilling with was a construction worker, and he also blew glass. We were chilling and drinking and he gave me a really nice glass to drink from that he bought in England.

I dropped it on the floor and it shattered.

He was pissed (he actually pulled a knife on me and I jumped off the balcony), but after a bit we seemingly made amends.

One day he drove me to a temple and then we went to his pad and drank beer and whiskey.

I got tired and I went to sleep on the floor.

I woke up to him punching me in the face.

I did a jiu jitsu sweep and turned him over. Then I got him in a wrestling move called a country boy, which locks up both hands, like handcuffs, but I still have a free hand.

I let go some punches.

Then I told him, in Japanese, I'm going to let you go and I'm gonna stand up and walk out of here, and you're gonna let me.

On my way home I stopped at the convenience store to buy beer. I didn't know why they were looking at me strange.

When I got home and looked in the mirror I noticed the bridge of my nose was dripping blood.
Saeko wrote:@Crantag

You better watch your back. I know Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do, Boxing, Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and many other dangerous words.

I know a little Muay Thai but was never that good at kicking, much less taking kicks. I'm mainly a wrestler but I also have a black belt in judo and I've trained a bit of BJJ, and competed in boxing.
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