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By Dave
US versions are not low power, that was the E36 M3 and a few other exceptions. Some of the US cars have marginally less power (e.g., the E46 M3 has nine fewer horsepower here) due to stricter U.S. emissions standards.

Reimporting is difficult and expensive and the system has been designed to make it difficult. Same goes for Canada where cars are also more expensive, despite free trade with us and a strong Canadian dollar. I do believe that in the UK some people actually import Japanese market cars to save money.
By GrantG
Right now I'm thinking a Prius is good just because it gets 50 mpg.
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By Dave
An old Toyota Corolla gets similar gas mileage, and costs much, much less.
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By hannu
Dave wrote: I do believe that in the UK some people actually import Japanese market cars to save money.

Don't think it's to save money it's normally used vehicles (AE86 for instance) or new models where the manufacture doesn't think it worthwhile to import.

e.g Mitsubishi. Early EVO models were brought in as a personal import. When Mitsi realised there was a decent market they started importing themselves. Same with decent power Subaru's.
By Maas
Shouldn't all you bike loving toffs be posting in a thread called "What I Ride"? Because I hate to point out a fundamental flaw with your hippy loving transport, but you do not 'drive' a bike.

I live in an old medieval city. There are no parking spaces in front of my house and driving through it by car would take longer anyways.
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By ninintothevoid
Bicycle: Gary Fisher Tassajara
I bike back and forth to work as its less than a mile away and if i need stuff around town sometimes i'll bike there

Car - 2007 Mazda3s hatchback
This is my first "real" car; everything else was a hand me down ( cool car list: 91 camry wagon dx, 95 toyota previa S/C, 2000 hyundai elantra - this car is particular was a piece of crap, there was a short in the electrical wiring and the dealership refused to admit anything was wrong)

I've been a real fan of the Mazda so far, I've been getting some decent mileage out of it lately(32mpg mixed) I'd like at some point to add a CAI and an aftermarket turbo to push the thing closer toward the mazdaspeed3(260hp). Only downfall is no AWD and thus sketchiness up in the mountains
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By War Angel
Here's what I 'drive'. I couldn't possibly buy and maintain a car (they cost 2-3 times more than they do in the USA, insurance is also a lot more expensive, and fuel prices are double), and for getting around the city, there's nothing like a bicycle. A moped\motorcycle would be cool, except the chances of getting smashed and smeared over the road is substantially higher.


It's an entry-level bike, not too expensive, gets me fine off-road and in the city. I'm just scared it'll get stolen. :(
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By Oxymoron

Dont let the looks full you it runs great.
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By QatzelOk
^^^ Is that a hybrid?
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By Oxymoron
^^^ Is that a hybrid?

Yes because I have to give it a good push to get it started.

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By Little von
It has been a wonderful spring & summer...


... and now that winter is coming, it's still a great car.


One of the best parts is putting the roof up and down. You can see a YouTube vid of this here.

My Eos looks just like the two photo cars, but unlike the video car, my Eos has the six speed manual that is a blast to drive on paved, curvy roads and anywhere else, for that matter. Image
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By Doomhammer

Spoiler-less version of this.

I actually don't have my drivers license yet so I only drive for quick errands. :|
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By Piano Red
2006 Audi S6

Pre-ordered it and got the first one that was delivered to my local dealership.
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By Oxymoron
Piano Red be pimpin, thats a sweet ride right there.
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