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Do not compare National Technocracy to National Socialism. They are completely different. Read at the bottom of this text to read more about that difference (in short: National Socialism is racism. National Technocracy is atheism).

In a technate we should abolish the price system and have energy credits. They are then paid to the people no matter what their occupation is.

But don't you think it will lower the western peoples life quality a lot if we do so? We don't have infinite amount of resources.

A technate requires a lot of different countries to work properly without scarcity. The problem is just that each time we get a nother country in the technate, the population will also increase.

Many countries are overpopulated, but they have some neccessary resources for different kinds of needs. To make a PC we need gold, silicium and oil (for making plastic).

These resources are very rare. And if we have to make it all collective that means I can no longer sit behind my own PC and play Counter Strike. I can no longer play Day of Defeat. I know these are "luxus-problems", but why live just to live? I want something with my life. I want to do something I think is fun. When I was a kid and we didn't have video, cable TV and internet my life was boring.

I constantly complained about that we didn't have a VHS-video. So, we got that. That was fine. Then I complained about that we had no cable TV. After some years, we got it.
And then I constantly asked about why the hell we didn't have access to the internet. So, after some years we got it. But ever since we got internet my needs were fulfilled. I've not asked about more, okay, I've complained about slow PC but in a technate that's not a problem old or new pc doesn't matter, its the same amount of resources needed to make the same (in many cases the factories producing computers are making new and better ones with less amount of resources).

But anyway, video, cable TV and internet and all 3 things in my own room at which I can be for myself are my needs and have been it ever since I was born and never heard about it! When we got the final one, connection to the internet, my fundemental needs were fulfilled. When I was then sent to some collective place where I had to learn how to live for my self and so on, there were no internet. I had to go to the library to get connected. That lowered my life quality.

It's not because I used to get connected from my own room and from my own computer I thought my life quality was lowered, because I had the EXACTLY same feeling BEFORE I got connected to the internet at home and I could sit with my own computer in my own room.

I don't like this kind of "international technocracy". It will lower the wealth for the middle class in the West. I'm for my own solution of technocracy: National Technocracy. This applies for England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, maybe Findland, Iceland, Faeroe Islands and of course Germany, France, Swizerland (sorry if I spelled it in the wrong way), Osterrich (again, sorry if I spelled it wrong), Poland, Greece and Czech Republic.

It will not include overpopulated countries such as Spain, Italy, Turkey, Hungary (if I'm wrong here and some or none of these countries are overpopulated, I'm sorry for mentioning them. If I'm wrong, please say so) and as a swedish technocrat has suggested "the middle east". It will definetly not include the middle east. That's for two reasons: 1. Too overpopulated compared to how many resources they can offer (they have a lot of oil, but in my technate oil is only used for plastic). 2. Their ideology is completely incompatible with the western ideology. We don't stone people to the death here in the West and we will never do it. The middle eastern ideology is incompatible with the technocratic ideology which is atheistic and ruled by atheists or extremely moderate christians/muslims/jews/whatever as long as they are moderate and don't rule the country by religion.

National Technocracy is better than International Technocracy.
International Technocracy makes scarcity and allows democracy which can lead to religious laws (christian, jewish or islamic, that doesn't matter. Religious laws are the problem. It is brainwashing the people).

I am against democratic internation technocracy. I am for authoritarian national technocracy.

Please do not compare Technocracy/National Technocracy to socialism/national socialism. National Socialism was based on pseudo-science that wasn't based on real scientific conclusions but on somewhat feelings-based conclusions such as "white peoples genes are better than black peoples genes". I'm against that view as I find it unscientifical. (To the nazis: no i'm not black, i'm white). There is absolutely no evidence for that genes makes your political oppinions.
By Korimyr the Rat
To my knowledge, Technocracy is not normally an internationalist movement, as it relies on technologically advanced groups to establish it for themselves and largely seems to ignore trade policy. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

And, applying technocracy would not lower the wealth for any group of people, except for those whose wealth exceeds their ability to consume-- people whose only use for more money is to buy more power. Resources may be finite, but they're far from scarce.
By dktekno
So how can Europe become a technate? Is that ever possible to operate a technate on its own in Europe if we suppose, just suppose, that all the european countries are joining this technate? Will we then be able to run this with a non-scarcity based technate?
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By Byrath
Hi guys, I just read some of the FAQ over on and I have to say that it sounds really good. Very similar to my idea of what a good socialist nation would be, just modernized. I'll be reading more in the near future and keeping tabs on this board from here on out.
:up: :up: :up:
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By Byrath
Thanks, Kolzene. What is this thing you speak of joining, and where can I find information?
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By Toxeus
Can someone please explain the concept of "Energy Credits"? Tonight I have just discovered the idea of Technocracy and I'm fasinated. I wish to learn more, but still don't quite grasp the concept of energy credits and how one would go about earning and spening them.
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By Toxeus
Thank you Kolzene, that cleared things up a bit. I think I'm linking Technocracy over any other form of government now.
By Saf
Toxeus, I have a feeling that Kolzene is going to tell you that technocracy isn't a form of government; rather, technocracy makes obsolete all known economic structures (which are enforced by government). In a technate, only laws that are pretty much basic and well-agreed upon would exist. You know, not stealing (though stealing would be a rare problem in an abundant society!), not killing, etc. But really, the mass of the government as it exists today would cease to be. There'd only be two needs of government: a branch which oversees supply and production, and a branch enforcing and creating basic laws.
By Saf
:lol: The thing about Technocracy is that there isn't policy or debate; there is simply the most efficient and the only just way to distribute and produce goods, and that solution is used. So you can't really debate, it's just a scientific fact that one way is better, and thus is chosen. Right? That kind of makes it less of a government in my opinion.

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