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Provision of the two UN HDI indicators other than GNP.
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The Ten Leading Causes of Disability in the World
  1. Unipolar major depression (42 972 DALYs*)
  2. Tuberculosis (19 673)
  3. Road traffic accidents (19 625)
  4. Alcohol use (14 848)
  5. Self-inflicted injuries (14 645)
  6. Manic-depressive illness (13 189)
  7. War (13 134)
  8. Violence (12 955)
  9. Schizophrenia (12 542)
  10. Iron deficiency anemia (12 511)

* DALYs = Disability-Adjusted Life Years

Source: Murray, CJL, Lopez, AD eds. The Global Burden of Disease. Geneva and Boston: World Health Organization and Harvard UP, 1996.

Just something I came across. Thought it was interesting. The great majority of these causes are mental, as you can see.
By | I, CWAS |
War (13 134)

Violence (12 955)


Unipolar major depression (42 972 DALYs*)

And the pharmaceutical companies are cleaning up on this one. I don't know what else can be done, every thing from holistic thinking to pharms, to psychoanalysis is out to treat it, unless one is very poor, one can be treated. Although from a few studies I read a few years ago, the poor have a lower depression rate than the upper classes, and a far lower suicide rate.

Iron deficiency anemia (12 511)

Didn't know that was a Disability
By Fortaleza
Its an interesting table maxim.

What in your opinion is the major causes of depression?
By bradley
Iron deficiency anemia (12 511)
if you're anaemic you're going to have trouble getting enough oxygen to your organs, so I can imagine why this would be considered a disability

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