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While the stigma against child abuse is rightly founded, many of the accusations are not: an estimated 77% of allegations are determined to be unfounded, according to Child Forensic Studies expert Dean Tong. Still, such an accusation is sufficient to strip the father of all his custody rights, even if no evidence exists to substantiate the allegation. Due to the commonality of such claims, an acronym known as Sexual Allegations in Divorce (S.A.I.D.) is used to describe instances in which women make false accusations of sexual abuse against their husbands during a divorce trial. The number of S.A.I.D. allegations has risen from 7% to 30% since the 1980′s.

This actually happened to my brother; He was accused by his ex-wife of hitting her and his child. However, his ex-wife was forced to recant the testimony under oath. Despite that, the judge awarded custody to the ex-wife and ordered him to pay alimony/child support.
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By Daktoria
...yet another reason why men are afraid to get into relationships nevermind get married and have children.

The system is just so twisted by charisma and charm that you can't have faith in anything being reliable. Why bother even rolling the dice to play the game when it's so rigged against you? The only men who it works out for are alphas who are extremely witty and willing to be conniving even at the legal level of winning at all cost power games.

The worst part about it is how many articles are out there complaining that men need to ball up and deal with life anyway. It's rather pathetic. Wtf kind of society is this? Talk about entrapment and provocation...

It sucks for beta females too because they can't find men willing to hook up with either. Even when betas are available, a lot of us are scared out of our minds because we don't have a fucking clue what our legal rights really are if shit hits the fan.
By Kman
Yeah it is kind of disgusting how anti-male the justice system in most western countries are now, the crazy people that have taken over the system no longer adhere to age old legal principles like the presumption of innocence.
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By Daktoria
Well I wouldn't say it's explicitly anti-male Kman because in order for it to take effect, you have to have plenty of male lawyers willing to back it up: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-percent-of ... mprise.htm

There's also the premise that alphas can navigate the waters without fear of treachery whereas betas cannot.

No, this is a matter of hierarchy, not gender difference. You have alpha males squeezing out beta males in competition, alpha females neglecting the desires of beta females, alpha males making beta females feel objectified, and alpha females making beta males feel inadequate.

Betas, becoming increasingly isolated, neurotic, and conscientious, are going to receive limited information and a skewed view of the world. Therefore, they're going to spite the other side's betas much more because there are more followers than leaders, and that even further props the alphas up top.
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By Takkon
On Thursday, an expert on domestic violence whose previous appearances include "Dr. Phil" and "Nancy Grace" was been arrested for... domestic violence. Dean Tong was picked up after his wife called the cops over an argument that turned physical. This wasn't his first arrest — he'd also been busted in 2001 for domestic violence. So maybe that does make him an expert, after all.

I bring up this story to illustrate a simple truth: With 500 TV channels and countless talking heads needed to fill time, no one really checks.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,327 ... z1T3eBSRkW

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