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Any other minor ideologies.
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Ok guys, I have always wondered about my political ideology. I have taken many many tests and I know for a fact that I am right-wing, but I want more than that. I want to know all the specifics about my ideology and maybe a good name for a party with my ideology. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below I will describe my views on the issues.

*Social Issues*

-Oppose Abortion (100% No Exceptions)
-Oppose Gay Marriage
-Oppose Gun Control
-Support the Death Penalty for Murderers, Child Molesters, Viciously Assaulting Law Enforcement, and Drug Dealers
-Support laws that allow home owners to use whatever means they deem necessary in protecting their family, themselves, and their property
-Opposes the DREAM Act and any bill that gives amnesty to illegals.
-Supports making English the official language of the United States
-Supports the USA Patriot Act
-Opposes Planned Parenthood
-Supports School-Wide Prayer
-Pro-War as long as it helps the National interests of the United States
-Supports laws that keep marijuana illegal and supports laws to ban cigarettes
-Supports raising taxes on Tattoos and exotic piercings
-Opposes any legislation that tries to implement the separation of church and state
-Supports Don't Ask, Don't Tell
-Supports caning of criminals
-Supports an electric fence or wall on the border of mexico and towers with armed military units to make sure illegals to not pass over our borders

*Fiscal Issues*

-Supports Capitalism and Keeping Jobs In America
-Opposes any Affirmative Action Programs believing that businesses know who they need to hire, not the government
-Supports the privatization of Social Security
-Supports low taxes and tax cuts for the rich as they are the ones that give the rest of us jobs
-Supports laws that restrict Healthcare to Illegal Immigrants
-Opposes Obamacare and plans similar to Obamacare

This is about all the things I have considered. If anyone needs more information or would like me to clarify on any issue to give them a better understanding of my beliefs, I would be happy too. If anyone wants to know my opinion on any other issues, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you very much and any help would be greatly appreciated. :D
Do you seriously need to ask this question?

You're a cookie-cutter extremist American conservative. A right-liberal.
American conservatism and liberalism are both descended from 19th century liberalism, which makes you a right-liberal, to the Democrat's left-liberal.
nater116 wrote:How am I extreme

Yes, perhaps some time on PoFo might help you to develop the self-awareness to be able to answer that question for yourself. My eldest son is 18, but unlike you he appears more willing to acknowledge and accept what he doesn't know, and keep an open and unbiased mind in his journey to find out what he doesn't know.

The majority of the views you express are extreme.

If you 'oppose something 100%', then that denies that there could ever be a circumstance where that which you oppose might actually be appropriate, reasonable or right. It also seeks to inflict your view on everyone else in the world. Both stances are unreasonable and extreme.

Let's take 'supports school-wide prayer', for example. I'm a parent governor of my children's high school, so I have a certain insight into this. To whose God are you going to force everyone to pray? Is that your God? You may believe that your God is the only true God, but that is only your belief. What about children brought up in secular or agnostic traditions? What right have you or anyone got to inflict your faith or faith practices on everyone else in the world?

Ergo, extremist.

You will find, if you stick around here, that we attract people with extreme views. I attribute that to the theory that in matters political, the overwhelming majority of people sit in the middle 80% of society who may tend left, or tend right, but largely don't give a damn. Most people who do give a damn tend, then, to be in the 10% that are hard left or the 10% that are hard right. Similarly, most people who give a damn are the sort who are likely to join a forum like ours.

As for me, as you will discover, I'm rather less extreme. But then, I'm British, 44, have six kids, have spent twenty years working in healthcare of which 15 years has been in the military and now work in university education (I start my doctorate in September). Some years ago, my Sig used to describe me as a 'Militant Centrist', and as you will see from the PoliticalTest thread, I come out every time as a Social Democrat.

Welcome to PoFo

Thank you for your invitation and yes. I sponsor school wide prayer, but I would never force someone to pray to god. I support the option for schools to direct prayer in their own way. That is what I support. It has nothing to do with my God or yours.
Yes. Marriage is a private institution and it is not the governments job to regulate a private institution. It is wrong and unconstitutional.
What in the Constitution would forbid this?

I have a feeling you've been fed a lot of lines about what the Constitution says and doesn't say, and that said lines aren't really true. I don't mean to insult you, but it's objectively not unconstitutional for government to be involved in marriage. Whereas it's much more obvious why a government school leading prayer would be unconstitutional.

Edit: Cart, bear in mind that his positions are sadly not that extreme in the United States.
It's morally wrong for the government to be involved in marriage? The Founders certainly didn't believe that. For example, in that time period there were laws against miscegenation and such.

No need to hate what you are, nater.
I am also gay, and I'm going to point out that the reason gays cant get married is because the government is interfering. In states where its legal there are churches that have gay marriages, the entire problem is that the government refuses to recognize them legally.

Frankly on social issues we are almost total opposites, as for fiscal issues...

-Supports Capitalism and Keeping Jobs In America

Capitalism is all about using the lowest cost labor, if your pro-capitalism then the part about keeping jobs in america would require an opposition to a natural capitalist process.

All in all your a tea partier, I seriously suggest you reconsider your stances starting with civil liberties and social issues, I would suggest branching out your reading material a bit.

Cart, bear in mind that his positions are sadly not that extreme in the United States.

Actually his views are more in line with the generally stereotype but most people, even in the tea party, aren't so thorough going. You will find a few who are okay with gay marriage or against the patriot act etc., he is a bit out there even for us colonists.

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