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Ongoing wars and conflict resolution, international agreements or lack thereof. Nationhood, secessionist movements, national 'home' government versus internationalist trends and globalisation.

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By One Degree
I see humanity as being faced with two choices.
‘Winner take all’ or ‘separate but equal‘.
Neither is the ideal choice, but I choose ‘separate but equal’ because I see it is the preferable environment for superior understanding to emerge.
What is your choice and why?
Do you have a third option?
Is this related to previous allusions you've made to racial segregation in other recent threads? Can you elaborate on what you mean exactly? Your question on whether "winner take all or separate but equal" is vague so unless you're talking about race/ethnicity...?
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By One Degree
I am talking about the world. The problems we are discussing including immigration, world liberalism, imperialism, etc.
It seems to me that the first decision we need to make is what direction we want the world to go in.
Do we support the different political and religious ideologies continuing to compete for dominance, which means the ultimate result would be the success of one over all others?
The only alternative I see to this is to support and work for strong immigration controls, perhaps more local autonomy for countries with different competing groups, and at least some isolationist policies to protect your own culture.
I believe this choice needs to be made by individuals to best determine what we really want to see happen in the world.
I ask if anyone has a third option, because there are problems with both of these options.
Someone, in the future, may make a historic or scientific discovery or create a new philosophy that eliminates many of our current ideological conflicts in ways we can not currently imagine.
Someone may have already done so, but is not yet being listened to.
I am simply asking which approach you think we should take to best serve our current and future interests.
The other debates seem lacking direction without confronting this basic decision first.
I also want to know if there are 3rd options out there.
I know we touch on these issues in other debates, but this is a thread just for that basic discussion.

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