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Multiple Russian military aircraft came close to a U.S. Navy destroyer in the Black Sea on Feb. 10, incidents considered “unsafe and unprofessional,” a U.S. official said on Tuesday.

There were three separate incidents involving Russian aircraft and the USS Porter, Captain Danny Hernandez, a spokesman for U.S. European Command, said. One involved two Russian Su-24 jets, another a separate Su-24, and the third involved a larger IL-38.

“USS Porter queried all aircraft and received no response,” Hernandez said.

“Such incidents are concerning because they can result in accident or miscalculation,” he added.

The incidents involving the Su-24 were considered to be unsafe and unprofessional by the commanding officer of the Porter because of their high speed and low altitude, while the IL-38 flew at an unusually low altitude, Hernandez said.

Another U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the closest incident that day involved the lone SU-24, which came within 200 yards of the Porter at an altitude of 300 feet (91 meters).

This is not the first time interactions have taken place between Russian jets and U.S. ships.

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Also a Russian spy ship appears off U.S coast!

At the same time, Fox News reported Tuesday that a Russian spy ship was spotted patrolling off the east coast of the United States. Officials say that the ship was seen 70 miles off the coast of Delaware and was moving north at 10 knots.

United States territory lines extend 12 nautical miles off the coast of the lands.
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Ooh how exciting.

Not a very capable spy ship if it's so easily detected though.
Also, maybe the planes coming within such close (?) proximity had been cleared by superiors and just not the pilots themselves..
Russia's testing out how well it can press US borders, and not have problems, with its newly bought and paid for US President at the helm.
Russian ships are off the US coast on a regular, if not permanent, basis. This is just more bullshit reporting.
I have no idea how often Russian pilots play with US ships, but I doubt it is unheard of.
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Lexington wrote:It isn't new. It's doing it right now which is intentionally provocative.

I don't see why it would be viewed as provocative when it happens all the time. The US did not even send out a ship to trail it.
Lexington wrote:We did.

Could you supply a source? The articles I read said there were 4 ships in the area, but none were deployed to trail it. :?:
MistyTiger wrote:Russian ships patrol the US coast on a regular basis? I need to see a link. Other countries would not allow that.

The US only has a 12 mile limit. Everything outside of that is International waters. Russia has every right to have ships there. Do you want me to provide a link to Russia's military ship schedule? All countries have no choice but to allow it, since there is nothing wrong with it. This is a non news story.

Edit: Look at a map of the Black sea where the US ship was buzzed by Russian jets.

I see nothing wrong with Russians wanting to kiss Americans.
I think the US should "accidently" shoot a couple down just for a laugh.

Russian planes buzz UK airspace too quite frequently. Honestly just down one or two by "accident" and it will probably not happen so much in the future. Being too polite in the face of boorishness wins no honours.
Oh noes Russian ships in international waters! How dare they go where any ship from any nation has a legal right to be! The bastards.
Rancid wrote:
I do wonder, what if the US were to just shoot one down?

President Trump talked about that today. He said that many might praise that action, but he was not going to order such action.
He pointed out that we still may be able to make a deal with Russia and he is not anxious to start a nuclear Holocaust.
I'm with him.
Nobody is going to nuclear war over an aircraft.

Putin is making Trump look like a chump. That appears to be his intention.

That close to shore their spy ship could accidentally run into an obstacle. Like a torpedo.

Is the US shadowing that ship? You can take that to the bank. There are two kinds of ships. Submarines and targets.

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