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Thanks for the video links buddy this is a great thread that will engender productive conversation, great job with your great post!!!

Who is MARK. FUCKING. DICE? Let's ask Wikipedia:

Wikipedia wrote:In 2005 Dice wrote The Resistance Manifesto, a book on Illuminati and New World Order conspiracy theories, and quickly gained popularity amongst the Internet conspiracy community.[4][5][6]

In May 2009 he published The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction discussing the possibility of an Illuminati secret society,[7] and continued writing books on secret societies, conspiracies, and government surveillance issues.[8]

In 2010, he shipped a box of garbage to Glenn Beck at the Fox News Channel for what he considered disrespect of the 9/11 truth movement.[9] More recently, Dice produced a series of YouTube videos where he attempts to get random people to sign satirical petitions, such as repealing the Bill of Rights "for Obama" and granting Obama immunity for any and all crimes he commits while in office.[10] The videos have been discussed on Fox & Friends and by The Washington Times.[11][12]

Ah, a powerhouse intellectual. No wonder he's the darling of the pro-TrumpDaddy crowd.
SpecialOlympian wrote:Ah, a powerhouse intellectual. No wonder he's the darling of the pro-TrumpDaddy crowd.

Don't laugh, your side has Chenk Uygur and his merry brand of Young Turks. Fucken SJW pot smoking idiots.

Also since when was Washington times part of the "Daddy Crowd".

Dice has been most Cable news networks I know of. CNN included. So his opinion is "respected" enough on the MSM networks that they've all had him on at some stage. Fox was just one example.

Plus the videos here, and part of his "Lunatic Liberals" series, are his analysis of widely available media content, not specifically about his illuminati beliefs.
She might be really old, but she still makes sense. She is consistent in her opposition of the questionable stuff that the Trump administration is doing.

Trump is senile, I think. He cannot keep his script consistent and he says one thing on twitter and in public, he plays a totally different tune as we saw during his congressional address.
I think the problem may be that political people can't take a joke. They seem to think Trump should always speak and act Presidential.
However, we common people like to be entertained and Trump does a good job of that while telling us like it is in an exaggerated and funny way.
I don't pay any attention to twitter, but I like to see and listen to him and get entertained. And he just happens to say many political things I agree with.
At least I agree with him more than most of the boring politicians.
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