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Basic Human Rights.
Interesting concept, but do they really exist, or is it our "civilized sensibilities" that force us to acknowledge them?
I think it's pretty clear that the idea or concept of human rights, becomes more important to a society as that society becomes more affluent. Here in Canuckland we have a very affluent society, and we have Prime Minister Pixydust opening our boarders to Muslim world "refugees" at the taxpayer's expense. There is this almost palpable scent of pity for them. As if the liberal Canadian feels "guilty" for his/her affluence. And yes, I suppose a good argument can be made that we created our affluence on the backs of the very people we are now bending over backwards for.
Be that as it may...
REALISTICALLY speaking, we have one real "right".
The "right" to die.
Ya well...my family makes Canuckland our home.
So no...this ain't-a-gonna happen.
Yes there most certainly is a real big pushback against human rights.
Much, is not all, of it is a direct result of our own soft-hearted ideals, and of course our stupidity on so many levels over the last 2 centuries.
We basically created this problem, and now we will likely have to solve it. Unfortunately...
The solution is not gonna rub our liberal ever-lovin' sensibilities the right way...I fear.
Rights are worthless without some ability to uphold them. An independent judiciary, free speech, freedom to protest, an active opposition, the right to bear arms, open government and a host of other things enable people in free societies to do this. Societies where these things are restricted can have all the rights they want on paper but can't effectively uphold them.

IMO we put far too much emphasis on "human rights" as what rights are written down and far too little on the mechanisms by which we uphold them. In Canuckland and the rest of the western world to greater or lesser degrees this isn't really a problem as we have strong democratic traditions anyway, however in countries without those traditions written charters of himan rights are at best an irrelevance and at worst a smoke screen that allows governments to claim they uphold civil rights while trampling all over them.
Yes that's rational AJS.
I think though that we have a strong democratic tradition because that was one of the major ideals that Canuckland was built on.
A deep desire to rest political and military power from an anarchy, and place it in the hands of "the people".
Other nations and cultures were built on other principals and ideals.
Our democratic society; our "New World" culture is...about what? Roughly 215 years old?
However the Syrian society; the Syrian culture is how old? It's ancient.
Now...admitting that we created a real mess over there recently...I think we still need to acknowledge that the Syrian Arab people have had a long time to develop their preferred functional leadership structure.
Why do we keep trying to change that?

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