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US strategic priorities and interests are shifting to the Asia-Pacific region. Washingtondevelops close military-technical cooperation with the three countries of the region (Japan, Australia and South Korea).
In 2007USA with Australia and Japan created a tripartite defense forum to discuss issues of the anti-ballistic missile system (ABMS) deployment in the Asia-Pacific region.
Washington and Seoul have agreed to deploy"THAAD" system in South Korea for interception ballistic missiles. The pretext for deployment the system on the Korean Peninsula was the North Korean nuclear threat. However, there is a perception that in fact it is aimed against China and Russia.
The United States started deploying "THAAD" system in South Koreaon March 7, 2017. The first two complexes of this system are already at the airbase near Seoul.It is reported that the system can be fully operational in April of 2017.
The decision to deploy the system on the territory of the Republic of Korea was made in July 2016. The deployment was planned for the summer of 2017, but it was decided to speed up the fulfillment of this plan, because the DPRK in early March conducted another nuclear test.
US ABMS in the south of the Korean Peninsula will become the first completed complex of "THAAD"system outside the United States, which would challenge the strategic balance of the region and the strategic security of China and Russia.
US also plan to deploy the ABMSnot only on the Korean peninsula, but also in Japan.Japan has been installingthe modern radar of the US ABSM for a long time.According to official data, the purpose of this radar is to follow the missile launches from the North Korea coast. Moreover, it should be noted that one of US radar has already deployed on the territory of Japan.
Some countries in the region, primarily Russia and China, expressed concern in connection with the deployment of "THAAD" system in South Korea, and in Japan. Chairman of Russia’s Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Ozerovsaid that the testing of ballistic missiles by Pyongyang is merely a pretext for Washington. They want to close the ring around Russiaunder the guise of fighting against the North Korean threat.
The Chinese government, in turn, insists on that the system will seriously damage the security interests of other countries in the region. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of China said that the deployment of such system on the Korean Peninsula would threaten peace and stability in the region and couldn’t to contribute to the elimination of nuclear weapons in the DPRK.
Russia and China assure that in fact the US with support of its allies continues to build up capacity of the Asia-Pacific segment of the global anti-missile defense that could undermine the existing strategic balance in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
It is no secret that the US considers North and South Korea as pawns in a big geopolitical game, primarily against China and Russia. It is very useful for US leadership to indicate on the DPRK, likecountry threatens the US and its allies with nuclear missiles.With the normalization of relations between the two Koreas, the US will be forced to recognize that American troops in the Asia-Pacific region are directed primarily against China and Russia.So Washingtonuses the tense situation between North and South Korea, in order to expand the geography of the deployment of U.S. global ABMS. However, these actions of Washington are likely to contribute to the creation of a military Alliance between China and Russia, and will surely cause a new arms race in the region.
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