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Bulaba Jones wrote:All those white people replacing other white people there. I fear for the future when that day might come. :roll:

Nobody talks about the religious background of Whites who are being replaced.

Are white Ashkenazi Jews replacing the WASPs in the American power structure?

Are white Ashkenazi Jews replacing the native Semites in Palestine?

Do white Ashkenazi Jews feel better in a homogeneous Israel and in a heterogeneous host nation?

Has this influence on the laws, concerning the migration, marriage and citizenship in Israel and in host nations?

Are the answers to these questions not obvious?
The Immortal Goon wrote:Indeed. RACIAL SCIENCE™ has long ago proven that Germans are not white. The non-white Germans coming into the Americas will never be able to acclimate to White Civilization™ any more than they could change their completions to become white.

This is something we can agree about so far as the Germans are concerned.

The Middle Easterners, for all their faults, have been connected to the West since at least Alexander the Great. They have been blessed with Roman civilization, and early Christian civilization that exists today.

All things that the swarthy Germans have been deprived.

I wish the politically correct cucks that hate free speech would finally start admitting that the United States, and the West in general, has a German problem first and foremost.

Can you evolve your thoughts (the bold part)? What you mean by a "German problem"?
Politiks wrote:Can you evolve your thoughts (the bold part)? What you mean by a "German problem"?

The Germans will obviously destroy American civilization because they can't or won't learn English or adapt to American laws or culture.

Ben Franklin wrote:I am perfectly of your mind, that measures of great Temper are necessary with the Germans: and am not without Apprehensions, that thro’ their indiscretion or Ours, or both, great disorders and inconveniences may one day arise among us; Those who come hither are generally of the most ignorant Stupid Sort of their own Nation, and as Ignorance is often attended with Credulity when Knavery would mislead it, and with Suspicion when Honesty would set it right; and as few of the English understand the German Language, and so cannot address them either from the Press or Pulpit, ’tis almost impossible to remove any prejudices they once entertain. Their own Clergy have very little influence over the people; who seem to take an uncommon pleasure in abusing and discharging the Minister on every trivial occasion. Not being used to Liberty, they know not how to make a modest use of it; and as Kolben says of the young Hottentots, that they are not esteemed men till they have shewn their manhood by beating their mothers, so these seem to think themselves not free, till they can feel their liberty in abusing and insulting their Teachers. Thus they are under no restraint of Ecclesiastical Government; They behave, however, submissively enough at present to the Civil Government which I wish they may continue to do: For I remember when they modestly declined intermeddling in our Elections, but now they come in droves, and carry all before them, except in one or two Counties; Few of their children in the Country learn English; they import many Books from Germany; and of the six printing houses in the Province, two are entirely German, two half German half English, and but two entirely English; They have one German News-paper, and one half German. Advertisements intended to be general are now printed in Dutch and English; the Signs in our Streets have inscriptions in both languages, and in some places only German: They begin of late to make all their Bonds and other legal Writings in their own Language, which (though I think it ought not to be) are allowed good in our Courts, where the German Business so encreases that there is continual need of Interpreters; and I suppose in a few years they will be also necessary in the Assembly, to tell one half of our Legislators what the other half say; In short unless the stream of their importation could be turned from this to other colonies, as you very judiciously propose, they will soon so out number us, that all the advantages we have will not in My Opinion be able to preserve our language, and even our Government will become precarious. The French who watch all advantages, are now themselves making a German settlement back of us in the Ilinoes Country, and by means of those Germans they may in time come to an understanding with ours, and indeed in the last war our Germans shewed a general disposition that seems to bode us no good; for when the English who were not Quakers, alarmed by the danger arising from the defenceless state of our Country entered unanimously into an Association within this Government and the lower Countries raised armed and Disciplined near 10,000 men, the Germans except a very few in proportion to their numbers refused to engage in it, giving out one among another, and even in print, that if they were quiet the French should they take the Country would not molest them; at the same time abusing the Philadelphians for fitting out Privateers against the Enemy; and representing the trouble hazard and Expence of defending the Province, as a greater inconvenience than any that might be expected from a change of Government. Yet I am not for refusing entirely to admit them into our Colonies: all that seems to be necessary is, to distribute them more equally, mix them with the English, establish English Schools where they are now too thick settled, and take some care to prevent the practice lately fallen into by some of the Ship Owners, of sweeping the German Goals to make up the number of their Passengers. I say I am not against the Admission of Germans in general, for they have their Virtues, their industry and frugality is exemplary; They are excellent husbandmen and contribute greatly to the improvement of a Country.

Of course, that's assuming they aren't moving to the United States to kill us all.

A Lutheran minister of German background himself wrote about the Germans:

Henry Melchior Muhlenberg wrote:During this past fall many ships have again arrived with German people who spread out in crowds scattered throughout the country. It is almost impossible to describe how few good and how many exceptionally godless, wicket people have come into this country every year. The whole country is being flooded with ordinary, extraordinary, and unprecedented wickedness and crimes. Surely the rod of God cannot be spared much longer. Our old residents are mere stupid children in sin when compared with the new arrivals! Oh, what a fearful thing it is to have so many thousands of unruly and brazen sinners come into this free air and unfenced country!

Germans are also obviously incompatible with American democracy:

Ibid wrote:...our German inhabitants have been previously prepared and instructed every year in the public newspaper by the German newspaper publisher, the late Mr. Christopher Sauer, as to how they should vote and whom they should elect...Accordingly, the Germans would rather have given up their lives before they would have elected anybody but Quakers to the Assembly. For the Germans have been so inculcated with the idea that if they failed to keep the Quakers in the government and elected in their place Englishmen from the Episcopal or Presbyterian churches, they would be deprived of their ancient rights and liberties...

Germans cannot be trusted to know their place:

Ibid wrote:Another German servant ran away from his English master because he thought he ought to have meat every day. Two others were sitting in jail, having falsely accused their master of making them eat rotten meat. When the authorities investigated the matter, however, it was found that they had carried a piece of meat in a sack for a long time until it putrefied in order to use it as evidence. In the beginning the Germans had an excellent name and repute in these provinces, but now so many rotten people are coming into the country and acting so wickedly that the name has begun to stink.

Since we all agree that the Germans are some other non-white race (and don't even get me started on the Irish and Italians), and we know that as immigrants they're religious extremists and refuse to accept American values, I think it's important that we kick every person of Germanic heritage out of America.

Surely this kind of reasoning is solid, because who would dare to question RACIAL SCIENCE™?
I know it in my feelings that the white race includes Germans, but I don't know about those Irish, I'm afraid.

It has even been said that some Irishmen are allowed to become college professors as they attempt to influence those of our generation over to Papacy and uncountable perversions of the natural order.
I do not consider Germans, Irishmen, Poles, Italians, and many other peoples white. Whiteness is more of an unachievable ideal for me and very few can realize it, except maybe the people of the Caucausus mountains or their descendants.

Pretty sure the only white poster we ever had was Rei.
My whole life I thought I was white and I was looking forward to use my white privilege till the day I die.
I was sad to be informed here on pofo that I am in fact not white at all !
Where can I return my white privilege?
Bulaba Jones wrote:I know it in my feelings that the white race includes Germans

This is PC garbage that Marxist college professors are forcing you to believe.

Guys, this is established science. Race is real, and we can go back and look at the obvious differences between people. As mentioned, you can tell just by looking at someone who is German that they're not white but "swarthy" like the French and Russians—who are also clearly not white.

Ben Franklin wrote:That the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth.

Bulaba Jones wrote:but I don't know about those Irish, I'm afraid.

Well, now you did it. I have to put the science up about how Irish people are clearly black.

JW Jackson of the Royal Anthropological Institute wrote:We have, therefore, to be contented with the fact, rendered indisputable by recent discoveries in Archeology, that there has been a succession of races in Europe, and that its existing Aryans
are but the latest link in the series, while its Esthoniaus in the South and its Finns and Lapps in the North, though no doubt the remnant of earlier races, do not represent the first.

Of course, Ireland participated in these changes ; perhaps, however, in a manner somewhat peculiar, arising from its geographical position as the north-western extremity of Europe, and so the final recipient of its manifold immigrational invasions from the south and east. If we mistake not, there are still perceptible traces of this speciality of position and fortune in its existing population. The Iberian character of the peasantry in the south and west has been often noticed. Even an approximation to an absolutely negroid type has been occasionally detected by keen observers. Now, it may be said, is not this last a remnant of the quaternary man 1 And what is the first, but a remnant of the Esthonian period not yet fully absorbed by later types. Quite certain it is, that inferior and non-Aryan racial elements are clearly perceptible in the population of the sister isle, and this, too, in much greater strength than in Britain. In the latter they are rare and exceptional, and, therefore, probably due simply to atavism, while in the former they are sufficiently common to warrant the suspicion, if not to sustain the conclusion, that they have been uninterruptedly transmitted, and are, therefore, due to persistence of type on the part of an older and wider, but still not wholly extinguished, race. We allude to these facts — dim and distant as they must seem to the general reader, — not, we trust, in the spirit of Anthropological pedantry, but, because they in a measure help to explain that peculiar impulsiveness and excitability always so characteristic of the Irish, who have thus, perhaps, inherited a rather larger bequest of the passional elements from prehistoric races than most other European peoples.

We would not, however, have the foregoing statements and suggestions misapprehended by the man of science, or misapplied by the statesman. The speciality of the Irish in their relation to rude or prehistoric types, is merely one of comparative aggravation. It has been said, that if you scratch a Russian you find a Tartar, so if you stir a Spaniard too deeply, you rouse the Moor. Something similar may, perhaps, be said of the French and English, only the savage does not here lie quite so near the surface. This is a subject demanding far more attention from anthropologists than it has yet received. Among the ruder individualities, even of the most civilised nations, we often find types, decidedly barbarous, however produced, whether by degeneracy from a higher or persistence through a lower race. What phrenologists, perhaps rather unfairly, term " the criminal type," is an instance of this. We remember being particularly struck with the Turanian character of a group of murderers from tho collection of the late Mr. Holm, when the old gentleman made us "sup full of horrors," by a stupendous lecture on the organ of destructiveness and its manifestations. This, however, is only a branch of the much wider subject of caste to which we have alluded in a previous article, and which must some day come up for solution at the hands of future Anthropologists.

But whatever may be the number or diversity of prehistoric racial elements still extant in Ireland, we can have no hesitation in assigning it to what is now known as the Celtic area. It is so in common with the whole of the British Isles, and its peculiarity in this relation, is the imperfection of its racial baptism. This perhaps needs some explanation. Few facts are now better established by Archaic and Historic Anthropology, than the periodic baptism of certain types by their racial correlates. The conquest and colonisation of the Celtic area by the Teutons is an instance in point. The previous conquest of the same area by the Romans is another. Now, from the latter the Irish were wholly exempt, both to their moral and physical disadvantage. And they have but imperfectly partaken of the benefits of the former. The result is, that throughout large portions, more especially of Munster and Connaught, we find the Celt in a state of racial exhaustion ; while he everywhere lacks that political and municipal training, which we owe to the domination of Rome, and that social organisation which we have derived from Feudalism. This was doubly unfortunate, for these necessary processes not having been effected at what may be called the right time, and by appropriate instrumentalities, have to be accomplished now, in the midst of a complex civilisation, and by agencies not altogether fitted for so rude a task.

From what has been said; it must be at once obvious that Ireland is, under every point of view, an exceptional country. It is so because, till recently, it remained both geographically and morally isolated from the rest of Europe. It stood out of the highway of events, and so did not partake of the expansion and invigoration which they have communicated to the remainder of Christendom. It was a moral fossil, like India, the only difference being that India is a civilised, while Ireland is a barbarous fossil, but both these extremities of the Caucasian area have been so shut out from the influence of passing events during the whole historic period, that they now present us with the sad spectacle of at least partial paralysis in all the functions of their higher life, the principal evidence of returning vitality which they have yet afforded being rather strong convulsions, painful to themselves and troublesome to their nurse.

...If there be any truth in the foregoing views, it must be at once obvious that the Irish problem is not institutional but racial, and that the unfortunate speciality of the Sister Isle is not primarily misgovernment, but racial effeteness, the effect of imperfect colonisation. Now whether this effeteness antedates the Celtic era, may still remain an open question awaiting solution from farther inquiry at the hands of Anthropologists, but it certainly and without any doubt postdates it. Ireland has not been Teutonised to the same extent as England, France, Lombardy or Spain. But a Teutonic baptism was a racial necessity of the Celtic area, and it was accordingly provided in the shape of Gothic, Frankish, Saxon and Scandinavian invasions and settlements. Now Ireland partook of the last, when the Norwegians settled at Dublin, Waterford, Cork and Limerick, the only towns of any significance at the period of the English conquest. But their settlements in most of these places seem to have been principally urban, and so quite distinct in character from the Saxon conquest of England, and the Frankish conquest of France. It did not leaven the entire population by the introduction of a new racial element, and it did not discipline them by the institution of Feudalism. At farthest, it but prepared the way for the English, and along the eastern coast, laid the foundation of the Pale.

We are now then in a position to understand the real function of English conquest and colonisation. It was supplementary to the utter want of Roman rule, and the imperfect Teutonic baptism, by which Ireland has been unhappily contradistinguished from most of the remainder of the Celtic area of modern Europe. It was simply the carrying out of a great racial law — underlying, we may here remark, all small talk of peace societies, and all tall talk of political economists, doctrinaire statesmen, and other well-meaning but impracticable people, who would improve upon the plans of Providence, and make their revolutions out of rosewater.

... Euphuistic nonsense and beneficent platitudes will not alter the laws of Nature, which have to be fulfilled under ever-increasing penalties, of which some are being paid by Ireland at the present moment. Compare Ulster with Munster, or Leinster with Connaught, and you will begin to understand what effective conquest and colonisation, even at a comparatively late period in European history, might have done for " old Ireland " as our Hibernian friends so fondly phrase it. But if you would know the full loss of Ireland in not partaking of Eoman civilisation and Teutonic colonisation, simultaneously and proportionately with the remainder of the Celtic area, you must compare " old Ireland " with England, or the lowlands of Scotland, or the north of France. " Ireland for the Irish " is no doubt a splendid war cry, and carries with it a semblance of justice and a sound of patriotism, but in sober truth it is precisely where Ireland is most Irish that it is most poverty stricken, and where it has been most colonised, that it is most prosperous.

Such, then, are the facts. Now what do they imply ? The application of our nostrums, say the d. priori legislators. We will administer any number of " Acts of Parliament " to Ireland, till she is well ! She has been injudiciously treated — that is all. We will give her just laws and amended institutions, and await the result. Ah, my friends, you told us the same story about Mexico and the South American republics — and what have you made of them Miserable failures all, the old Indian blood proving too strong for you and your paper constitutions.

John Beddoe wrote:While Ireland is apparently its present centre, most of its lineaments are such as lead us to think of Africa as its possible birthplace ; and it may be well, provisionally, to call it Africanoid, applying the name Atlantean, which has been suggested, to the widely- diffused Ibero-Berber race type, of which it is probably a subdivision, in spite of the wide difference in the form of the jaws between it and the Basque type of Zaraus, the best accredited Iberian standard.

Though I believe this Africanoid type to have been of very high antiquity, it must be acknowledged that we have no evidence carrying
back its presence, in any of the British Isles, beyond the polished stone period. But the best authenticated ancient skulls from Ireland may have belonged to it ; for example, the three from the Phcenix Park tumuli (of which two are figured in the Crania Britannica), and those from the bed of the Nore at Borris." These show the inclination to prognathism to be of remote date in Ireland, as well as the peculiar form of low, straight brow that still prevails there, and which is connected with low, square, horizontal orbits.

John Beddoe isn't just crazy or anything. He developed the science of "Nigrescence"

Fathom wrote:Another influential race theorist was John Beddoe, president of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Fellow of the Royal Society, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and respected author of The Races of Britain (1885). Beddoe believed that hair and eye color were keys to ethnic and racial identity, and he developed a specious formula he called the "index of nigrescence," which supposedly quantified the amount of melanin in skin, eyes, and hair--in the process assuming that one end of the nigrescence scale was clearly preferable to the other. He used this index of nigrescence to "prove" that the Irish were darker and more Negroid than the English. As Curtis relates: "Just how white-skinned were Irishmen? Who were the so-called 'black Irish,' and where did they come from? How close was a prognathous and nigrescent Celt to a Negro? Such questions were implicit and at times explicit in Beddoe's work; and the implicit answer was that not all men in the British Isles were equally white or equal" (Curtis, Anglo-Saxons, p. 72). Speculating on the African genesis of what he called "Africanoid" Celts, Beddoe's index of nigrescence provided the scientific justification for racial hatred of the Irish as an inferior race. It was but the logical next step in such racist/ethnocentric reasoning to consider the Irish as subhuman apes.

The only people that can't see that the Irish are black are clearly Cultural Marxists. This has always been true:

Michie wrote:In England, the immediate effect of the cataclysmic 1840's Irish potato famine was a sudden influx of Irish immigrants that exacerbated the already long-standing English xenophobia about the Irish. As L. Perry Curtis has demonstrated,the English tendency to caricature the Irish and represent them as an alien people, which persisted from the Renaissance onwards, was intensified in the mid-nineteenth century in a process Curtis describes as the simianization of the Irish. By the 1860's the English public had become familiar, in both cartoons and political commentary, with characterizations like the following, sketched by an unknown writer in Punch in 1862:

A creature manifestly between the Gorilla and the Negro is to be met with in some of the lowest districts of London and Liverpool by adventurous explorers. It comes from Ireland, whence it has contrived to migrate; it belongs in fact to a tribe of Irish savages: the lowest species of the Irish Yahoo. When conversing with its kind it talks a sort of gibberish

As this passage suggests, to associate the Irish with simians was, for the Victorians, to link them to the same kind of racial stereotypes that were being used to describe blacks. Such a linkage was supported by mid-nineteenth century ethnographic thinking, as, for example, in the writings of John Beddoe, a founding member of the Ethnological Society and later president of the Anthropological Institute from 1889-1891. Beddoe became famous for establishing what he called the "Index of Nigresence," a pseudo-scientific formula that allowed him to determine the relative amount of melanin the hair,skin and iris of the eyes, and the relative proportion of "dark"persons to light in any population. He used that index to confirm that a much greater percentage of what he described as "Africanoid celts" were to be found in Wales and Ireland than in central England.

A passage from Charles Kingsley's letters exemplifies the way Victorian thinking linked the Irish to peoples defined as more clearly racially differentiated. In describing his travels in Ireland to his wife, Kingsley reveals both his awareness of the complex problem of Irish racial difference and his imbrication in Victorian racist and imperialist logic. He writes:

But I am haunted by the human chimpanzee I saw along that hundred miles of horrible country. I don't believe they are our fault. I believe there are not only many more of them than of old, but that they are happier, better, more comfortably fed and lodged under our rule than they ever were. But to see white chimpanzeesis dreadful; if they were black,one would not feel it so much, but their skins, except where tanned by exposure,are as white as ours.

In Kingsley's passage, the Irish occupy the position described by Homi Bhabha as "not quite/not white." Finding this indeterminate racial status unsettling, Kingsley turns from it to a racial distinction which seems to him both more absolute and, as a result, less troubling. Kingsley's passage marks the way Victorian thinking dealt with the problem of local colonialism by shifting from oppressions that were uncomfortably close to home to those which seemed more peripheral or more exotic.

The kind of paradigm shift that occurs in Kingsley's letter is not unique to him but repeats itself over and over again in the rhetoric of those writing about the British empire, as, for example, when the Chinese are described as the "Irish of the orient" or when Marx opens his 1852 article on British rule in India by stating that "Hindustan is not the Italy, but the Ireland of the East.... a world of voluptuousness and a world of woes." Marx is a particularly interesting case since, unlike a number of Victorian writers, he did not turn a blind eye to the English treatment of the Irish but condemned it, asserting that "England never has and never can-so long as the present relations last-rule Ireland otherwise than by the most abominable reign of terror and the most reprehensible corruption." Such assertions lead one to expect that he would be similarly critical of English domination in India. And in places he is, as in the conclusion of his letter on "The Future of British Rule in India," where he asserts that in India "[t]he profound hypocrisy and inherent barbarism of bourgeois civilization lies unveiled before our eyes, turning from its home, where it assumes respectable forms, to the colonies, where it goes naked." Nevertheless...The oppression that makes Marx uncomfortable in England turns out to be necessary, even beneficial

I think it's time to just get real. You can look at a Russian, French, or German and see that they're not white.

You can tell that the Irish are black with your own eyes.

Race is not a social construct at all, these are cold hard facts.
I'm sorry TIG, but I have to retract everything I said about the Irish. I have Irish ancestry beginning in the late 1800s. Since I am a White gentleman, it is not possible for me to be racially impure. Therefore, I now know it in my feelings that the Irish are white. However, those Italians, of whom I have no ancestry, are definitely not white.
The Immortal Goon wrote:The Germans will obviously destroy American civilization because they can't or won't learn English or adapt to American laws or culture.

Of course, that's assuming they aren't moving to the United States to kill us all.

Are you being sarcastic? I can't see your face or hear your tone so I can't know. Never heard of a German problem anywhere....
He's not being sarcastic. You might be new to PoFo, but The Immortal Goon (TIG as he's commonly called) is the most vocal proponent of racial separatism on this forum, within the rules, of course. He's one of our gentleman racialists (not a racist): he does not condone hatred, but simply wants there to be peaceful, amicable separation of the races.

TIG is also known for demanding the immediate expulsion of all Irish from America, on the grounds they are not white. You might say TIG doesn't like the Irish very much.
Politiks wrote:Are you being sarcastic? I can't see your face or hear your tone so I can't know. Never heard of a German problem anywhere....

I'm being very sarcastic in an attempt to underline the problematic relationship that racists today have when attempting to speak to something that is seemingly obvious today. The way we contextualize race is social.
The Immortal Goon wrote:I always think it's funny that rightwingers tacitly acknowledge what awful and unattractive people they are in that, "genocide," for them means women having a choice not to fuck them.

Wow :lol: This guy doesn't have a clue what's going on.
Agent Steel wrote:Wow :lol: This guy doesn't have a clue what's going on.

I know, right? Just this morning I had to hide from a Negro death squad that came onto the PATH train looking to continue the White Genocide™. They were carrying machetes and AK-47s, and the police, as agents of the Race Traitor government, cheered them on.

Leftard elites like @The Immortal Goon are so insulated from the real world.
First they came for our jobs (affirmative action), then they came for our women (interracial marriages are encouraged as way of the future), now they are coming for our "white privilege", to take away our water fountains and make us sit at the back of the bus, or front is it I forget now.
Agent Steel wrote:It is a deliberate, systematic attempt to destroy the native German population and replace it with foreigners. That is CLEARLY an act of genocide.

So, you're predicting slow death by fucking ... ? OK! I'm in ... :excited:
Albert wrote:First they came for our jobs (affirmative action), then they came for our women (interracial marriages are encouraged as way of the future), now they are coming for our "white privilege", to take away our water fountains and make us sit at the back of the bus, or front is it I forget now.

Maybe women would be less repulsed by you if you got a job and moved out of your mother's basement.

Although having said that, whining about how oppressed you are by the nonexistent White Genocide is definitely a sexy look.
Albert wrote:First they came for our jobs (affirmative action)

When have you ever had a job? :?: Also as an immigrant wouldn't you benefit from affirmative action?
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