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By Nomadic99
Reading Wendy Brown's "Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism's Stealth Revolution "

In chapter 3 she is talking about Foucault and wanting to make adjustments. She talks a great deal about Aristotle, but she is citing Marx's "Capital" as her source.

I guess maybe we could say that Aristotle is responding to the same sorts of insights that Plato was, it's just that Aristotle wanted to try and apply them in more moderate and practical ways?

Well part of the problem with this is that while Plato wanted to abolish slavery and the family, Aristotle was willing to allow them to continue. So I know from other sources that there are areas where Marx finds it necessary to break with Aristotle. He and Engels certainly did not want to perpetuate slavery and the family.

I'm looking for a forum to discuss Radical Left issues, and focusing on the abuses of the middle-class family, the mental health system and recovery movement, and how this relates to the perpetuation of our broken economic system. I want to become an activist in this arena. I already have experience helping to put a Pentecostal daughter molester into the state penitentiary.


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