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QatzelOk wrote:Government-funding means that the media will favor the state which funds it.

Yes, that is the bias I was attempting to alert the dummies to.
skinster wrote:https://twitter.com/SocialistFuture/status/1172795488275521536?s=20



The BBC has been "The official channel of the Labor Party" for decades now!
^ IMHO Julian Assange either knowingly worked with the Russians et al or was using them all along, then he was about to reveal something about them, but they canned him.

Fromage was spotted visiting Assange in that embassy at one point.

That's how it seems to me anyway. I'd like to believe that he was using them all along.
How is it absurd?

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.zeit.d ... a-contacts

"It Was a Private Meeting with Assange"
Farage: No Russian money at all. That's ridiculous. What you are talking about is conspiracy. I never received a penny from Russia. I wouldn’t have taken it, even if it had been offered. This campaign wasn’t about money. It was about messages, good clear messages.

ZEIT ONLINE: Have you ever received external money for your political work?

Farage: No, of course not.

ZEIT ONLINE: You never received any money for your appearances on Russia Today?

Farage: Which I do twice a year. Or three times last year. I am doing global media. I am talking to you as well.

ZEIT ONLINE: Why did you meet with Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London?

Farage stops for a moment to think. Following his visit to the Ecuadorian Embassy not long ago, he told reporters directly after his meeting with Assange that he could no longer remember what he had done in the embassy.

Farage: Oh, for journalistic reasons.

ZEIT ONLINE: What? Because you want to write a story about the WikiLeaks founder?

Farage: For journalistic reasons. I will not say anything more about that. But I did it for journalistic reasons, not for political reasons.

Nigel Farage in his office in the European Parliament © Steffen Dobbert
ZEIT ONLINE: What do you mean when you say, "journalistic reasons?"

Farage: I will not say anything more about that. If you look at what I do today, I used to do politics 100 hours a week. But now I do politics for 40 hours a week, so I have got a lot of time to do other things. I am a Fox News contributor. I am an LBC presenter. I write.

ZEIT ONLINE: You have transformed yourself from a politician to an entertainer?

Farage: Perhaps.

ZEIT ONLINE: Entertainers tend to be paid well for the job.

Farage: Yes, some people really get paid for it.
Farage's press spokesman interrupts the interview. He says that the interview had actually been arranged to discuss trade relations between the EU and the UK. Neither he nor Farage, the spokesman says, want to talk about Farage's connections to the WikiLeaks founder or to Russia. Last summer, the platform published emails from Hillary Clinton, an event which had a significant influence on the U.S. presidential campaign. Assange and WikiLeaks are suspected of having connections to hackers in Russia. Farage, for his part, is an acquaintance of Donald Trump's and was the first politician to visit Trump following his election victory. Farage also has ties to Stephen Bannon, Trump's campaign manager and the former head of the pseudo-journalistic website Breitbart.

Assange willing to testify in congress

https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.scmp.c ... ng-testify

The Mueller report supposedly contained references to him being a Russian agent, bits of which were partially suppressed.

https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2019/04/ ... t-2-a65194

It would be naive to believe that Assange didn't either use world superpowers and then turn on them, or work for them all along.

There is no dishonour in what he did if he was just using them imho. It would make sense that they hung him out to dry after secretly squeezing the ecuadorians.

It's all very shady business whatever the truth is and no one comes out of it as a saint.

New Season of Amazon's Jack Ryan Focused on Venezuela Denounced as 'Over-the-Top and Ridiculous' US Propaganda
A new trailer out Thursday for Amazon's television series "Jack Ryan" featuring the titular hero racing against time to stop Venezuela from obtaining a nuclear weapon was widely ridiculed for its jingoistic nature and reliance on conspiracist tropes, with critics deriding the plotline of the new season of the nationalist series.
https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/ ... iculous-us


What George Carlin Taught Us about Media Propaganda by Omission

“Here’s a partial score from the West Coast – Los Angeles 6.” - George Carlin joke
Bernie Sanders didn’t object in the debate when Joe Biden hung a price tag on Sanders’ “Medicare for All” plan of $30 trillion (over 10 years). Sanders responded by offering the other score: “That’s right, Joe. Status quo over 10 years will be $50 trillion. Every study done shows that Medicare for All is the most cost-effective approach to providing health care to every man, woman, and child in this country.”
As in the Carlin joke, I found many references to the partial score: the $30-32 trillion estimated cost of Sanders’ legislation. But not the other score: the more costly estimate of sticking with a system in which health insurance is provided by for-profit corporations.

I watched, for example, the next day’s in-depth report on CBS Evening News lasting a full two minutes. (That’s “in-depth” nowadays on nightly newscasts.) The $32 trillion estimate was prominent, but the other score was omitted – no estimate for staying with the status quo. When the report ended, anchor Nora O’Donnell accentuated the bias by saying: “That’s an expensive plan, Ed. Thank you.”
https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/09/19 ... -omission/


In the first quote, we see how the mass media are funded,influenced, and do great service to... the other powerful institutions of society. They are not there to serve you and I, but to lie for the 1%.

In the second quote, we can see how how ommission is the preferred form of "ignorance manufacturing" of non-fiction. Once again, at the service of the 1%, and definitely not you or I.
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