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The Sabbaticus wrote:Aside from the fact that she was a terrible character and that the show was a 3/5 at best, the choice of race-swapping one of the family members was questionable, at best, considering that the show is literally peppered with ethnic characters. But, this isn't the topic of discussion. Rugoz brought it up in order to project his own insecurities on me, which is attested by his objection to the term 'cynical'. On the one hand, he agrees that it's cynical (claiming that the original show creators were cynical as well) and on the other hand he ironically resents me for using the term because it unfavorably depicts the decision to race-swap an unlikely character. And then he accuses me of being a 'hypocrite'. :lol:

It's also fairly amusing to note that the mere act of matter-of-factly pointing something (obvious) out is considered an unpardonable sin, evoking all kinds of suspicion and slanderous accusations. Even to the point that it left a lasting impression for Rugoz, a self-appointed 'thoughtcrime prosecutor'.

The Dutch have been cynically race-swapping Santa's elves for centuries now....


Outrageous!! >: >: >:
Rugoz wrote:For Sab every colored person on screen is a left-wing conspiracy. Remember when he complained about the adopted black daughter in Lost in Space? :lol:

Besides, being openly racist gets you banned on Pofo.

He is being openly racist. There's no substantive difference between "mouthy ethnics" and 'uppity mud people'. He's an ignorant jackass and he should be banned.

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