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That time when the MSM narrative is reduced to a smouldering heap by a single man and they immediately lash out with #MeToo allegations in a Washington Post article about past indiscretions of a playful nature at a university, forcing his suspension from CNN days after.

Watch the interview, the meltdown starts at 4:00. :lol:

CNN contributor Paris Dennard suspended.

The establishment media outfit The Young Turks were immediately tasked with damage control for their progressive audience. Cenk spent 8 minutes denouncing the man until he finally decided to admit that it was a bit suspicious. Cenk, of course, has himself somewhat of a #MeToo history, but amazingly enough he's back on the air denouncing all these 'degenerate sex criminals/men'.


CIA dude: "Trump is muffling our voices, I serve my 300 mil Americans for them to be able to speak freely."

Trump supporter: "Security clearness benifits the ex-CIA guys".

CIA guy: "WEE are done! Get out!"

I get a feeling this election is going to be as beautiful as the last one.

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