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    Maxime Bernier launches the People's Party of Canada

    Quebec MP, who left the Conservatives last month, says he has raised $140K

    Quebec MP Maxime Bernier has announced the name of his new party: the People's Party of Canada.

    Bernier unveiled his party's principles in Ottawa on Friday, vowing to run a full slate of 338 candidates in the 2019 election.

    "For too long Canadian politics has been hijacked by interest groups, cartels, lobbies, international groups, corporate or union interests of politicians and bureaucrats in Ottawa who are disconnected from ordinary citizens," he said.

    "We don't believe that government intervention is a solution for everything. Government should not intervene to solve each and every problem on the road to a utopian and unrealistic vision of society. "

    Bernier, who now sits as an independent, said it will still take time to register the party with Elections Canada, but so far has raised $140,000. He added he is respecting Elections Canada's rules, including maximum limits for donations, even though he can't hand out tax receipts yet.

    Last month, the rogue MP announced he was leaving the "intellectually and morally corrupt" Conservative Party to start his own movement.

    Smaller government, fewer immigrants

    Prior to his exit, ​Bernier caused waves for his tweets regarding Canada's "extreme multiculturalism," warning that "the cult of diversity will divide us into little tribes that have less and less in common, apart from their dependence on government in Ottawa."

    Bernier said that as leader of the PPC, he wants to change Canada's immigration ratios, including to take in fewer refugees.

    But when asked about potential supporters who want to limit immigration for xenophobic reasons, Bernier said "they have no place in our party."

    "These people will not be candidates," he said.

    As part of his announcement Friday, Bernier, a noted supply management opposer, announced some the PPC's guiding principles, including:

    Advocating for smaller government.
    Respecting the taxpayers.
    Upholding the Constitution.
    Denouncing programs that prevent competitiveness.
    Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who narrowly beat Bernier at last year's leadership convention, said the former cabinet minister was more occupied with advancing his own profile than the needs of the party.

    Scheer and Bernier will meet again when the House of Commons resumes on Monday after the summer break. ... -1.4823647

It appears that this is another conservative party that is even more populist, free market, and anti-immigrant.

I think this is going to split the conservative vote, thereby neutralizing this party and the Conservative party. It will basically hand over every federal election to the Liberals until they come back again into a single party. So, while this is simply going to support the status quo, at least it stops Canada from becoming even more conservative.
Though Canada needs to be cured of it’s progressive ideological fetishes, I don’t see this new party being able to achieve that.

Basicly, this Bernier fellow is scapegoating immigrant minorities. While it is true some people fitting this description should rightly be turfed out, it is important to recognise that many immigrants are right wing, liberal conservatives and therefore decent people. People like Bernier really need to learn how to discriminate properly.

A better idea than indiscriminately targeting minorities is to focus instead on politically correct white people. After all, they are the real problem. So what Bernier should be taking about is cleaning up the educational institutions by evicting all the commie acedemics and teachers. This is the most effective way to restore Canada as a upstanding bastion of conservative values.

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