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Queen Victoria marries in commemoration of the first Emperor of Japan

http://timeline.sakura.ne.jp/01/n/1/8/3 ... 2_10J.html


It may be an outrageous story.

But it is true.

The global empire's strategy is deception, camouflage and paradox.

This is yet the tip of the iceberg in the large scale of conspiracy.

My previous sites were mostly "geocities".

Yahoo controls this provider company.

Recently this provider suddenly went down.

Oddly enough, this company has neither telephone service nor mail service.

So, I decided to change the rental server to another company.

My sites have a big data. And the relocation was really a heavy work.

My new sites are as follows.


Behind the scenes, Prime Minister Abe's party election is taking place.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal_D ... rty_(Japan)_leadership_election,_2018

This is not a coincidence, I believe.
It looks like your account was deleted by GeoCities owned by Yahoo! Japan, which is quite similar to what happened to Alex Jones recently. Probably your personal site violated terms and conditions of the web hosting service.

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