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By WarmPotato
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Infowars LIED

Alex Jones of Infowars.com announced a reporter contest on May 21st 2018. Its now around September 21st 2018 - its been 4 months. The contest has been up for 4 months and still no word at all. The deadline for entries was July 4th and its been over 2 months since the contest began - still not a peep! Alex Jones is harassing Marco Rubio and making fun of Ben Shapiro, but he couldn't spare a single tweet or email to say "Contest Postponed" or "Contest Cancelled" - nothing, nada! Yet at the same time, Infowars has been publishing Reporter Contest Entries in order to make money off of OUR WORK! We, the viewers, that make the show possible - were offered cash prizes of up to 20,000 dollars if we won the contest - and now Alex Jones is being tight lipped and pretending he never announced the contest at all. I wouldn't be suprised if his response to this video, is to take down the contest posting and pretend it never existed! If he does this, he proves the world right in saying that Alex Jones is a liar and a crook out for his bottom dollar and nothing else. I DEMAND AN ANSWER. Cancel the contest! I don't care! But don't you dare try and play dumb or erase the past. Thousands of people put their heart and soul into this Infowars Contest, only to be ignored. Alex Jones, Infowars.com - I expected better.
This is my favorite anti-Jones take so far. I'm sorry for your wasted effort, buddy, but you should have realized that a guy who sells snake oil and pills filled with sawdust might not be above board with his other endeavors.
Sorry @WarmPotato, but did you seriously expect differently from Alex Jones?

Regard this as a lesson learnt and to take propaganda antagonists word in the future with the respect it deserves. Fuck all.

You should introduce yourself formally in the Lobby, IMO.

Its a good way to break the ice. FYI.
Victoribus Spolia wrote:@WarmPotato,

You should introduce yourself formally in the Lobby, IMO.

Its a good way to break the ice. FYI.

Break the ice? What is this? A wedding? :lol: :lol: :lol:

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