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The irony is that talking about the identity politics, bigotry and racism of the American left and their deeply ingrained pathological obsession with 'white people', somehow makes you a 'white supremacist' or at the very least, will raise certain suspicions.

"There must be something off about this guy. I don't know what, but he's bad folk."

A similar attitude can be found amongst certain posters on this forum.

Meanwhile, the identity politics of the regressive left have resulted in mainstream right-leaning media personalities talking defensively about 'white people' as a victimized group, since the start of 2018 and earlier. White identity is on the rise. Thanks to the identity politics of the left, it has received mainstream acceptance. 'See no color' has changed to 'see only color'.

Looks like the American left has created the very monster it conjured up as a phantasm in order to inspire fear in unbelievers. "Never forget Charlottesville!" or something equally delusional.

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