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This is a very compelling, moving and honest short film with the added bonus of being directed(director of photography) by our good friend Michael Paleodimos who was awarded an Oscar in 2016 for his debut short-film The Stutterer. The cinematography is truly exceptional, the subject matter is current and the depiction is more than honest. This is Greek level honesty, it's truth, plain, unadulterated and served cold. The moral of the story is not just racism is the root of all evil, there is a lot of personal and familial responsibility assumed by the protagonists.
I understand our perception is our reality, but it is not reality. So with that in mind, my comments...
He was accepted by the group so obviously it was not really about race. They just picked the most appropriate insults. I went through the same thing going into a strange neighborhood and fighting 3 kids. Their insults were different because we were the same race.
It appears to me this is more about being a dumbass teenager than it is about race.
It was a bad decision by the parents to be so upset by this even though it is understandable. It is obvious how much their reactions affected his behavior.
I do think there is an unintended message here. Both he and the ‘racists’ actually separated race from culture and chose common culture. This was only disguised by them continuing to use expressions ingrained in them. This makes it very difficult to say if they are even actually racists or just dumbass kids.

Edit: To elaborate on my main point. They showed given a choice even ‘racists’ will choose a common culture over common race. We conflate race and culture and this makes it easy to assume race is the problem. We have ample evidence this is not true. When different races have a lot in common, the racial differences diminish. Trying to mix cultures creates problems.
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