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Queen Elizabeth II celebrates the first Japanese Emperor Jinmu

http://timeline.sakura.ne.jp/01/n/1/9/2 ... 4_21J.html


But, there is more to it.

Her birthday also celebrates the founder of "the Mongol Empire", "Genghis Khan".

Her birthday also celebrates the founder of "the Mughal Empire".

"Mughal Empire" means "Mongol Empire" in the Indian language.

This story contradicts the history of the East India Company and the British Empire.

Probably, humongous paradoxical conspiracy is included in the human history.

But the story is profound.

For example, Two of Japan's most prominent, most powerful and most popular sumo wrestlers, Taiho and Hakuho, are probably included in the British royal family.

Let me describe the paradoxical conspiracy in the human history one by one later.

( hypotheses are included )

Family of Crown Prince of Japan

The Emperors of Japan belonged to haplogroup D1b1a2 because Emperor Higashiyama's (926-967)Y-DNA haplogroup was confiemd to be D1b1a2 based on DNA tests performed on his direct decsndants. 6 million Japanese men (10% of the male population of Japan) carry the same Y-DNA lineage as the Imperial family and they share a common ancestor about 1,000 years ago. The idea that the early emperors were Korean princes has been proposed by Korean historians and the Imperial family acklowledhed its possible Korean roots. D1b was found at low frequencies in Korea, including 3.3% from the Jeolla region, 2.4% from the Gyeongsang region, 1.4% from the Chungcheong region, 1.1% from the Jeju region, 0.9% from the Seoul-Gyeonggi region, and 0% from the Gangwon region.

Baekje court girls

While Emperor Jinmu is a mythological figure, Emperor Ōjin, the founder of the Yamato Kingdom, is also known as Homutawake or Hondawake and he was likely to be Prince Homuda from the Paekche royal court in southwestern Korea. According to the inscription on the Seven-Branched Sword bestowed by the Paekche King to the ruler of the new Yamato kingdom, Prince Homuda or Emperor Ōjin was the Crown Prince of Paekche, who was dispatched from Paekche to conquer Japan, which took two years from 372 when the sword was delivered. Paekche is the Jeolla region of South Korea today, where haplogroup D1b was found at the highest percentage (3.3%). Baekje court girls (photo) do look surprisingly like the Crown Prince of Japan and his daughter.


The Seven-Branched Sword Delivered to Homuda in 372

According to the Nihongi, Ku-zo and the others again
came to the Yamato court (in the reign of Crown Prince
Homuda and Regent Empress Jingu) and presented a seven-branched
sword in 372 [37]. Quite surprisingly, this Seven-Branched
Sword is still preserved at the Ison-kami Shrine.

The full translation of the inscription on the Seven-Branched
Sword may be read as follow: “On May 16th, the
4th year of Tai-he [the year 369], the day of Byung-O at
noon, this seven-branched sword was manufactured with
hundred-times-wrought iron. As this sword has a magical
power to rout the enemy, it is sent [bestowed] to the king of
a vassal state. Manufactured by . Never has there been
such a sword. The Crown Prince of Paekche, who owes his
life to the august King, had this sword made for the king of
Yamato [or the king of vassal state]. Hope that it be transmitted
and shown to posterity.”10

Apparently as a symbolic gesture of well-wishing for
Homuda’s endeavor and solidarity with his new kingdom,
King Keun Ch’ogo of Paekche seems to have bestowed the
Seven-Branched Sword upon Homuda, who was undertaking
the conquest of the Japanese Islands. The inscription on the
Seven-Branched Sword says that the sword was manufactured
in May 369, and the Nihongi says that the sword was
delivered in September 372, most likely soon after Homuda
landed on the Japanese Islands. Taking account of the fact
that so many people from the Korean Peninsula had already
gone across the sea to settle in the Japanese Islands, official
evidence to testify visually to the mandate of the Paekche
court bestowed upon Homuda as the ruler of the new kingdom
was presumably expected to increase the cooperation of
the old settlers and hence facilitate the conquest.

The epic Eastern Conquest had commenced from the
Hyuga base. On a day, numerous battles later, Homuda
(Ōjin) proclaimed:--“During the six years that our expedition
against the East has lasted, … the wicked bands have met
death. It is true that the frontier lands are still unpurified, and
that a remnant of evil is still refractory. But in the region of
the Central Land there is no more wind and dust Truly we
should make a vast and spacious capital, and plan it great
and strong. At present things are in a crude and obscure condition,
and the people’s minds are unsophisticated. … Their
manners are simply what is customary. Now if a great man
were to establish laws, justice could not fail to flourish.
When I observe the Kashihabara plain, which lies southwest
of Mount Unebi, it seems the Center of the Land. I must set
it in order.” Two years later, Spring, 1st month, 1st day,
Homuda “assumed the Imperial Dignity in the Palace of Kashihabara”

https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/9b5f/d ... 0dd0df.pdf
Strangely enough, strangely enough.

Soon after I posted this page, the last sumo yokozuna Grand Champion pulled out the Kyushu grand Tournament on November 15 in Japan.

Now, as the rest of the two Yokozuna Grand Champions had already pulled out of the tournament, No yokozuna Grand Champions appear in this season.


https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/201 ... -4S-ZP7SUk

On the other hand, in the UK, two cabinet ministers quit the government on the same day.

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/15/worl ... a-may.html

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