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Japan, being an island state in the Pacific Ocean, is surrounded by countries armed with nuclear weapons and badly needs military support. Also, Japan has a number of territorial disputes with China (Senkaku archipelago), Korea (Dokdo Island) and Russia (the Kuril Islands). It should e recalled that after a crushing defeat in World War II, a "security treaty" was signed between the United States and Japan, under which the Americans received the right to maintain their troops in Japan under the pretext of its "defense" and "prevention of an armed attack on Japan". The US troops received the right to create new bases on its territory, and the number of American troops that could be entered to Japan was not limited. Moreover, they enjoy the right of extraterritoriality and are subject exclusively to American law. Therefore, thanks to their government, the US military receive either minimal punishments or they do not receive them at all because most crimes are jammed.
In Japan, and particularly on Okinawa Island, where more than 70% of all the US military bases in Japan are located, residents and authorities of the island for many years regularly advocate for the elimination of the presence of the American military contingent, fearing for the safety of the people and the environment of Japan. For example, on February 24, 2019, a referendum was held in Okinawa, during which the majority of residents voted against the government’s plans to preserve the "Futemma" US Marine Base within the region. Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya replied that the government deems it necessary to leave it, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Tokyo would continue to strengthen the military alliance with the United States and improve the armed forces.

Thus, the only one who does not oppose the expansion of the American military presence in Japan is only its government headed by S. Abe, who, it would seem, should protect the sovereignty and independence of its country, and also respect the rights and point of view of its own population. However, the political leadership of Japan does not only do nothing with the American occupiers who have girdled, but also favorably serves them, unquestioningly fulfilling all the instructions of Washington, and it would be naive to expect independence from Japan. Also, it becomes clearly visible with some indifference Tokyo and Washington refer to the local people of Okinawa, spitting on the numerous immoral and unacceptable actions of the American military in Japan.

It is obvious that the United States only uses Japan in its own interests, and, according to experts, the United States is not reliable allies for Japan. For example, Americans maintain neutrality on the Senkaku Islands issue, although the question of their territorial affiliation is fundamental in Japan. As for the Russian Kuril Islands, since they are under the jurisdiction of Russia, and not Japan, the United States is not obliged to come to help to Japan in the event of a military conflict between Russia and Japan over these islands. Thus, the Japanese government headed by S. Abe, based on the provisions of the treaties concluded with the United States, hopes for their support and closes its eyes to the problems of Okinawa residents, fearing to lose personal rewards from the American side.

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