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By Torus34
Political rhetoric is wryly amusing to this old sideline observer of the passing parade. I recently heard someone claim that the opposition to President of the United States of America Donald Trump is an attempt to remove him from office. He went on to say that if it succeeds, it will thwart the will of some 63 million voters.

Not mentioned was the fact that the President of the United States is elected by the Electoral College, not by the voters. Nor was it noted that a successful removal of the current occupier of the White House would vindicate the will of 66 million voters.

And so it goes. [Thanks to the late Mr. Kurt Vonnegut for the phrase.]
By Torus34
abbasrizvi918 wrote:People are going nuts over him, forgetting the fact that he made it here from Electoral college. It's not dictatorship mates, many of you invited him.

Sir, it's also worth noting that one of the 'conservative'* raps on Mr. Barack Obama was that his was an 'imperial' presidency.

* The quotes signify that these are actually anti-intellectual populists as opposed to cultural conservatives.
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