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dontwastemytime wrote:Doesn't make any fudging sense!

You Europeans are so full of contradictions, you know that!?

Why does it allow it, answer me!?

Germany's defeat in 1945 meant that it was stripped of its ability to defend itself from external attack. However, it was in the interests of the western Allies to secure West Germany as a bulwark against the Soviet Union. West Germany's security was therefore guaranteed by the USA. This suited the West Germans just fine, since they no longer had to pay for their own security and the US was a more powerful ally than, say, Italy or Romania had ever been. Lol.

The same logic applied to Japan, of course. And it still applies, in both cases. Student radicals in German or Japan may whine about their nation's vassal status, but the ruling elite in both countries are just fine with it.
My great grandfather on my father's side was German, whilst my grandmother on my mother's side was Austrian (which is practically the same country of course), so I'm here to say, I am also somewhat German (at least by American standards).

Once America builds a base somewhere they never leave. There are many bases in Germany because America conquered Germany and built a bunch of bases there.

I don't know about the political situation in Germany with respect to this situation. I know about the situation in Japan a lot better. In Japan, the government likes the US bases (the US pays the freight for the military), but the citizens hate it. (Except the right wingers of course, which you might say is a little ironic, since they are by-in-large extreme nationalists who want to see all foreigners expelled or killed. But then, it isn't that ironic if you consider that they have a fascist streak in them, and so in actuality only wish to follow whatever the rightwing politicians tell them to follow.)

How or if this relates to Germany? You tell me, I guess.
dontwastemytime wrote:Ok..... now, the question.

Why don't Germany rid their US bases? Because they are part of NATO and it is a defensive strategic error to do so.

Nonetheless maybe in time they might do just that. Germany and the EU are investing their money into PESCO and perhaps NATO is becoming obsolete. But while Germany has no real security defence without US support they aren't going to be sending what little defence they have home.
dontwastemytime wrote:Are you German?

Can Germans only answer please?

No Germans can't answer, the few Germans wise enough to see reality are generally wise generally enough to keep to keep their heads down. I used to say there are two stages to wisdom. The first stage is to understand the world. The second is to learn to keep it to themselves.

So was I just guilty of performative contradiction? (a fancy name for hypocrisy.). Well maybe there is a third stage. If can be fun to attack people's fundamental identity, but don't be surprised if they lash back.

Germany's problem is they have drunk deeply on the notion of good and evil, perhaps more than any people in history. The modern German identity is built around not being Nazis. "The Nazis were evil." Hence the Nazis are the antithesis against which the Good must define itself. At a fundamental level modern ideological discourse has become a pissing contest of who can be the most un-Nazi. So there are many claims for the title of the Anti-Nazi or the unNazis.

The Zionists say the Jews were Hitlers antithesis hence we the Jewish State, must be the supreme un-Nazis.

The Palestinians say, Israel is the most extreme and most open White- supremacist ethno state in the world today, hence we are the UnNazis.

The Soviets said we are the extreme Left who fought the extreme right Nazis in the greatest war in history, therefore we must be the UnNazis.

The American Exceptionalists say we are the liberty-loving, civic-patriot, Constitutional, individualists opposed to the collectivist anti- constitutional ethno-nationalist socialist Nazis. We are the UnNazis.

The British Chauvinists say "We stood alone." ........

The Feminists say ......

The Islamorealists / Islamosceptics / Islamophobics say ......

The "International Law" mongers say ........

You get the idea. I could carry on but I'm getting bored. Fill in the blanks for yourself.
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