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dontwastemytime wrote:Are you European or not?
That's not relevant to this thread. Is this just your way of evading the topic?

part of off-topic discussion deleted, as were several standalone posts. Prosthetic Conscience, moderator
:eh: Freedom of speech? Whatever made you think that that exists on a private forum? There are rules. Perhaps it's how you choose to express yourself that's the problem.

Now, why do you think mass murder is going to solve any problems? You will merely be replacing one "evil" with another. Perhaps there is a less murderous solution?
My wife was complaining how cruel the world was he other day - reading about a sociopathic murder - and suggested it would be better humans left it to nature.

I had to point out the news story I just read of a pack of dogs ripping apart a young child.

Nature is phycopathic by our standards. It lacks all empathy which is about as scary as you can get. It actively hunts the weak and the young.

As for America, it’s just an offshoot of Europe and continuing a more modern version of what we did. The only bit I find especially irritating anymore is the concept of American exceptionalism. Like it was some blank slate or something.

Ironically, it’s what rapid America haters like op also seem to believe in. A unique evil the the world and all would be fine if we purged it.
i have seen many good answers here. some things i would like to add, in the eyes of our populations, russia is far worse than the us( not saying it is like that)
and i feel like europe understands the price of a war, there are no winners in war( we are better than that) so if we d want to get rid of the usa it would have to happen in an other way, and currently our balls are only big enough to go in dialoge
dontwastemytime wrote:Doesn't make any fudging sense!

You Europeans are so full of contradictions, you know that!?

Why does it allow it, answer me!?

Germany's defeat in 1945 meant that it was stripped of its ability to defend itself from external attack. However, it was in the interests of the western Allies to secure West Germany as a bulwark against the Soviet Union. West Germany's security was therefore guaranteed by the USA. This suited the West Germans just fine, since they no longer had to pay for their own security and the US was a more powerful ally than, say, Italy or Romania had ever been. Lol.

The same logic applied to Japan, of course. And it still applies, in both cases. Student radicals in German or Japan may whine about their nation's vassal status, but the ruling elite in both countries are just fine with it.
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