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In May 2018, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev made the first official visit to the United States. A key issue at the meeting with Donald Trump was to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, where the non-combat mission of the United States is located, and projects to expand trade, economic and military cooperation.
Why did the USA need an important player in the Central Asian space? The answer is obvious. America needs not only new sales markets under the guise of partnership in the economy, but also a desire to «gain a foothold» in the region that borders Afghanistan. The United States has maintained its presence in Afghanistan since 2001 to influence its neighboring countries and regional rivals – Russia, Iran and China. In 2014, the U.S. and NATO combat troops left Afghanistan. The U.S. campaign in Afghanistan was the longest war in American history, it has been lasting for 13 years. During this time, more than two thousand American soldiers and more than a thousand soldiers of the international coalition were killed. Twenty-one thousand civilians were killed by crossfire, shells, bombings and night raids. Since the beginning of 2015, the non-combat mission of the United States and its allies has replaced the combat operation. However, the U.S. does not leave the «hot spot». Obviously, the aspiration of the States to destabilize in Central Asia, in order to subsequently present itself as the only advocate against potential and emerging threats in the region.
After an unsuccessful attempt to «settle down» in Kyrgyzstan, where the US military base was located at the territory of Manas International Airport (closed in 2014), the United States is seeking new partners in Central Asia. During his reign, the former president of Uzbekistan tried to maintain a balance in his relations with the West, Russia and China. Since the beginning of the U.S. operation against the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001, the Karshi-Khanabad airfield used as a U.S. air base (until 2005). However, the foreign policy course changed after the Andijan events. Islam Karimov was criticized in the West «for the disproportionate use of force». The European Union and the United States imposed sanctions against Uzbekistan – they froze the allocation of financial assistance, banned entry of high-ranking Uzbek leaders into their territory, and imposed an embargo on the sale of weapons to Tashkent. In 2005, it was decided to withdraw the American military base from the territory of the republic, Islam Karimov went to rapprochement with Moscow and Beijing. With the Karimov’s departure from the in 2016, a ‘new era’ began in Uzbekistan.
The new president of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev went on rapprochement with the West. Tashkent assured Washington, that it will continue to support the transit of goods to Afghanistan. The opening of a military base in the territory of the Central Asian Republic is not a question. But it is possible that the Americans are already «testing the ground» for military cooperation with Uzbekistan, promising to invest in the country’s economy. But is it worth trusting partners like USA? The events of 2005 showed what western diplomacy was capable of, which not only condemned the ‘Andijan events’ but also imposed economic sanctions against Uzbekistan.
Tashkent was supported by Moscow and Beijing, considering that the events in Andijan were an internal affair of the Central Asian republic.
So is it worth today for the Uzbek authorities to trust those, who under any pretext, sooner or later, will find a reason to «punish» for the «wrong policy», which is disagreeable to the United States and the NATO block?
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