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By Pants-of-dog
Patrickov wrote:May I clarify that, I think the Honourable Gentleman with a camera in his avatar did not deviate from this matter either. Instead, I found My Honourable Friend's declaration about the Camera-avatared Gentleman supporting "many cops to be disarmed" as an interpretation taking the said Gentleman's words out of context.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

By the way, I do not have avatars turned on.
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By BigSteve
blackjack21 wrote:Well... he wasn't convicted it seems...

No, he wasn't, but that's not a requirement.

In Florida, if you have a restraining order or an order of protection against you, by law you're supposed to surrender your firearms. No one ever does, of course. They just say "I don't own any" and there's nothing anyone can do.

In this guy's case, though, he was never ordered to surrender them. That's the problem...
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