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SSDR wrote:Aww... your tantrums will not do anything. And it is really late in Syria.

It is 4:30 in Syria.

Considering that you scream about Jews every time you leave your front lawn I'm pretty sure you don't know what a tantrum is.

And why I'm up so late isn't your business.
SSDR wrote:You know English very well, and it is 5:06.

@SSDR acts like a talking clock now.

Why do you care where @Palmyrene lives or how old he is ?
Those things do not matter to me nor should they matter to you. He should just be judged on what he writes.
SSDR wrote:What is a "talking clock?" :lol:

A talking clock (also called a speaking clock and an auditory clock) is a timekeeping device that presents the time as sounds. It may present the time solely as sounds, such as a phone-based time service (see "Speaking clock") or a clock for the visually impaired, or may have a sound feature in addition to an analog or digital face.
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